Considering Getting Baby Bangs? Here’s Inspo For Every Hair Type

They might conjure up visions of Joan of Arc or pictures of your infant self after your parents had to cut gum out of your hair, but baby bangs (or micro fringes, as some would say) have long had their place in fashion. Where regular fringes graze your brows, baby bangs sit higher up, only covering about half of your forehead's real estate. They may be one of the most polarising hairstyles out there — second only to mullets — but love them or loathe them, you can’t deny their popularity.
Maybe it's the air of whimsy and mystique they impart onto wearers — think Audrey Tautou in Amélie or Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen's Gambit — but baby bangs aren't a one-size-fits-all style. Depending on your hair type and length, you may find that what you love on other people, you don't love on yourself, or even the other way around.
As with any drastic chop, when bangs go wrong they can go very, very wrong. Remember the time Beyoncé went a mere couple of millimetres too short in 2014 and the Internet lost its mind? And then remember how it grew those couple of millimetres and the Internet fawned and wanted to get bangs, too? We may not have as many eyes on us as Queen Bey herself, but it’s a tricky balance to strike, regardless.
As any hairdresser will tell you, the key to getting what you want out of a haircut is to bring references that are relevant to your actual hair type. So to help narrow the search for inspiration, we've compiled our favourite baby bang styles that suit every kind of hair.
Scroll on to discover your next cut.

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