7 Gifts To Give Yourself This Christmas, Because You Deserve It

If Christmas movies have taught us anything, it's that this time of year is all about kindness, generosity and love. And while there's nothing quite like seeing someone's face light up when they receive the perfect Christmas present that shows how much thought you put into it, Christmas is also about letting yourself indulge a little, and and extend that generosity and love to yourself.
Because of this, we highly recommend setting aside some time and money to get yourself a little something you already know you'll love. After all, 2022 has been yet another chaotic year that we're all still recovering from — so a little self-care in the form of a prezzie wouldn't go astray.
Whether you're in need of a massage or simply need to add to your vinyl collection, here's a little inspo for treating yourself this Christmas.

Book yourself in for a spa day

There's nothing more indulgent than a proper spa day. Setting your phone to DND, clearing your schedule and locking in a full day of nothing but being lathered in indulgent oils and scrubs while being prodded in all the right places is truly what the doctor ordered.
Whether you're a facial, massage or sauna girlie (or all three), options are available for all budgets. Some of our favourites include the bougie, Roman-style The Day Spa by Chuan in Sydney's Langham Hotel (which falls on the pricier side of things) or Nature's Energy Bathhouse, where a deep tissue massage will set you back $85. However, if you're looking for something a little more holistic, trying out a treatment from Selph Health Studio could be the zen you're looking for.

A Bougie Weekend At Home Done Right

We probably don't need to preach again why a bougie weekend at home is probably what the doctor ordered right now. If you have a window of opportunity to bask in, it could be the perfect treat for yourself. Order the best comfort takeaway there is, queue up your comfort show and have the shower without the distraction of noisy housemates and family members too.
By having the shower we mean doing all the exfoliating, moisturising and haircare you need. We love Wella's Holiday Gift Sets as the perfect self-care hair moment. These gift sets are packed with luscious oils, nourishing masks, revitalising conditioners and shampoos that smell amazing and pose the perfect op to give your hair a little pre (or post) Christmas party TLC. Personally, I'd be reaching for the Invigo range — early summer swims have started to wreak a little havoc on my hair, so picking a product with ingredients beneficial to maintaining colour vibrance will surely do the trick.

Bite the bullet on the investment piece you've been eyeing

We know you've got one (or five) in mind — now's the time to pull the trigger and add your dream piece to your collection. If you're currently in the process of curating your capsule wardrobe, buying an essential piece you've been missing — like the jacket, loafers or statement black dress — means that you know you'll get heaps of wear out of it too.
There's something quite special about heading into a physical store during Christmas that feels very Hollywood, although platforms like The Real Real, Vestaire Collective, Depop and even Facebook Marketplace are reliable haunts to find something more unique, vintage or sustainable.

Upgrade your bedding and towel situation

There's nothing more bougie than fancy bedding and towels. If you buy yourself a set of luxe towels (and a matching, cozy bathrobe to match), you'll feel like you're giving yourself a little gift every day.
Some of our personal favourite brands are ettitude, I Love Linen and Bed Threads — just to name a few. It'll be a game-changer to know you've got buttery soft sheets to come home to every night.

Give your listening routine a boost

Listening to music is TLC at its finest: there's nothing that screams self-care more than having a well-deserved cry or passionate sing-a-long to your favourite album.
If you've got vinyl records sitting around that are simply collecting dust, it's time to invest in a record player. Sitting around with friends and playing records is an A-tier activity, and there's something euphoric about spending an afternoon listening to an album solo.
Crosley turntables are a cost-effective, aesthetic (and reliable) icon of the Tumblr era for a reason, and Audio-Technica has a wide variety of options to suit all budgets and listening needs. If you're not a vinyl lover, buying a nice speaker or a set of headphones should do the trick too.

Make over your morning coffee

In a world that tells us spending money on coffee is a moral failing (and the reason you'll never be able to afford a house), embracing your love for caffeine is basically an act of resistance. For Christmas this year, buy yourself a nice coffee machine. Whether it's a fancy pod number or something that lets you grind your own beans, it's a good time to invest with all the sales on.
The ritual of making a cup of coffee in the morning has the potential to turn any drab work-from-home day around just a little. While we're all for getting out and giving your local barista some love, there's something about having a fancy coffee machine that feels so perfectly adult.

Try out a niche subscription service

Lastly, if you simply can't decide on something to buy yourself, signing up for a bougie subscription service will act as a year-long gift.
From decadent flower subscriptions to luxurious wine and chocolate boxes, there's something for every taste. There are also heaps of independent magazines with quarterly print editions that you can subscribe to.
Whether it's finally visiting the bakery you've been wanting to check out or simply trying out a new hair care routine (with the help of a Wella Gift Set), it's important to take care of yourself this Christmas. We give a lot of ourselves to others during the holidays, so taking a second to give yourself some appreciation for everything you've achieved in the year should be at the top of your wishlist.

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