Every Clue & Theory For The Masked Singer Australia 2023

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Spoilers ahead. Be prepared to get your sleuth on because The Masked Singer Australia is back.
After weeks of hypothesising about who was behind the masks, all has finally been revealed, with the finalists unmasked and the winner announced during The Masked Singer 2023 finale.
The 2023 finale saw Snow Fox, Bouncer and Grim Reaper battle it out for the crown, with Snow Fox eventually being named the top dog. But the moment everyone was waiting for finally occurred when the mask was taken off and our Eurovision queen, Dami Im was revealed to be the winner.
In second place was Grim Reaper, who was revealed to be the iconic Darren Hayes!
Finally in third place was Bouncer, revealed to be Conrad Sewell!
This year, another lineup of mystery celebs sang their hearts out under their quirky costumes, and it was up to audiences and the judges to figure out their true identities. This year, Abbie Chatfield, Mel B, Chrissie Swan and Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes returned to the judging panel for Season 5.
Ahead, all the clues and theories about who was behind each mask — and of course, all the final reveals for The Masked Singer 2023.

Who is Burger Gal?

In episode 6, The Masked Singer introduced a brand new mask — Burger Gal! Burger Gal's clue package includes a cowboy hat, a trophy and the Brooklyn Bridge.
"Everybody loves a burger. Tasty, with an aroma you could bottle! And when it comes to fast foods, you know I’m the victorious one. I’m so proud to be a burger and I’ve witnessed some amazing things. Of course, my mother was very driven. You would know Dad if you kept up with my life or reality shows," she says in her clues package.
"Or you can ask my grandfather or nephew. For them, the burger is the royalty of food and they both have principles. Now I hear some people play with their food, but I’m nobody's toy. Well, except for that one time ha ha ha. So how do you like your burger? With a hot potato? Or like me, with ten ingredients!"
For her first song, Burger Gal performed 'Call Me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen.
In episode 7 we found out who Burger Gal is — it's Latoya Jackson!

Who is Orca?

In episode 5, The Masked Singer introduced a brand new mask — Orca!
In her clues package, we see a pool safety sign that reads 'bombing allowed' and the Olympic rings.
"I’m one of the big fish around here but when you look at the waters I swim in, they’re massive! Right now, I’m probably not in my natural home; it’s a really big decision to break away from your pod but when you start the hunt as young as I did, it’s something you have to do," she says in her clues package.
"To an orca, family is important…although growing up was a three-ring circus. Or was it five rings? That’s counting absolutely everybody."
For her first song, Orca performed 'abc (nicer)' by GAYLE.
Judge Abbie Chatfield thought it was actress Olympia Valance under the mask, while Dave Hughes thought it was Vanessa Amorosi, who performed at the closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics.
In her second clues package, Orca made reference to the word 'torn' and said she wanted to tell "her own story".
"Hello sailor! Tonight I am turning back time when fishnets were not just found in the ocean. I’m ready to make a splash!" she said in the clues package.
"Orcas can be found all over the world — some migrate. You see, we even enjoy the heat! Although you can find Orcas all over the world. New Zealand, Italy, Poland…Poland?! You know, some people think Orcas are dangerous, that we have a dark side, that we leave our prey all torn, but you’ll just have to let me tell my own story."
She then performed Cher's classic 'Turn Back Time'.
In episode 8 we found out who Orca is — it's Amy Sheppard!

Who is Bouncer?

Bouncer was the first character to get a standalone promo video, and fans were quick to start guessing who was behind the kangaroo costume and mask.
"Is Bouncer the most surprising roo-veal ever?" reads the caption next to the clip shared on the Channel 10 show's official Instagram account.
The video shows Bouncer singing a stellar rendition of John Farnham's famous track 'You're The Voice', blowing the judges away by hitting some high notes.
Many avid viewers of the show have taken to the comments section to speculate who Bouncer is, and so far, the guess has been quite unanimous: Australian ARIA Award-winning singer, Conrad Sewell.
"I’m confident its @conradofficial I listen to his songs and heard his voice as I’m sure it’s has to be him," one person wrote.
"Think it’s pretty obvious it’s Conrad Sewell as I definitely recognise that voice underneath the Kangaroo mask," another wrote.
For his first song, Bouncer sang the classic 'Hit The Road, Jack'.
His clues include 'being close to midnight', a glimpse of an angel and a devil, a rising thermometer, and an arrow lying on a bar.
"Where I come from, it’s hot, almost 100 in the old money and everything I’ve got is from the sweat of my brow. You know, being a big red – well that’s in my DNA, you’ve got no choice but to be what you’ll be from a young age. But that’s alright, I’m a glass half-full roo. After all, we’ve all got our demons and angels. But if you believe in the higher power you’re going to be okay. Well, it’s getting late, almost midnight, another long but ordinary day for this roo. Time to close the door," he said during his clue package.
Judge Dave Hughes guessed that Luke Hemmings, the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer was behind the Bouncer mask.
"There was a clock that was five seconds to midnight," Hughes said. "This is someone who is from 5 Seconds Of Summer — 5SOS!"
"Big Red — one of their last singles was 'Red Line', the lead singer of 5SOS is Luke Hemmings!"
In his second clues package, Bouncer is seen standing next to a bodyguard reading a tourism pamphlet about Memphis, Tennessee.
"Last time I leapt into gear and kept the panellists on their toes. Now, I’m ready to bounce back. Watch me give this competition a real kick!," he says in the package.
"This Bouncer gets around, in fact, you can find roos like me from the forest to the lakes. Even the city of angels! Or at this bowlo. Hey, it’s better than working in a hotel. Let me tell ya, it’s not natural to sleepwalk through life, so don’t even think about holding me up. To do what I do you’ve got to be tough, let me give you a demo! As things keep changing, you’ve got to stay relevant. That’s life. I believe in doing things the right way. That’s how this big boomer was raised."
For his much-anticipated second performance, Bouncer sang 'You're The Voice' by John Farnham, which made fans even more adamant that it's Conrad Sewell under the mask.
In his third clues package, Bouncer plays lawn bowls before talking about having the 'big guy' on his side.
"In my last performance, my song was just like me: a loved Australian classic and it kept the panel jumping from one conclusion to another. Now watch me give this competition a real kick!" he says in the package.
"You’ll have to forgive my attitude but I’ve really owned this game, it’s a gift! It requires patience but I’ve got plenty of that. Now don’t you go tripping and say I’m cartoonish, that’s all in the past. I’m as big and real as life, so bad as you think you are, I’ve got the big guy on my side. You know, what I do is my everything. It’s not like I could be a hairdresser or something. Ridiculous!"
After he performed 'If I Can't Have You' by Shawn Mendes, fans became even more convinced that Conrad Sewell is under the Bouncer mask (if that was even possible).
In his fourth clues package, Bouncer is seen hosting pub trivia that was restarting in 21 minutes. He also introduced bouncer.
"My song tonight sounds like it’s from the ‘50s, but it’s just a hop, skip and a jump back in time until I found you. Back when we were all confined to the top paddock," he said in his clues package.
"Being a Bouncer takes more brawn than brain, I got both because I’m quite the athlete. I’ve been on the biggest sporting stage. I’m not being defensive now, I don’t care what anyone says. No one could ever accuse this 'roo of being disloyal. You know, even when I went solo I still sought some company. I guess that was Bouncer 2.0. I’m sure you know I’m all about the entertainment…let me get on the PA. Trivia question time restarts in 21 minutes! People, we’re in for a big night!"
He then performed 'Until I Found You' by Stephen Sanchez and, yes, fans still believe it's Conrad Sewell under the Bouncer mask.
In episode 8, Bouncer is seen holding a soccer ball and wiping down a table.
"Last time, the panel realised I’m not a friendly face at your local. I’ll be singing my hero song tonight and you’ll be seeing stars in my performance!" he says in his clues package.
"Growing up Big Red wasn’t easy, so many things to feel guilty about but I always had my music, that’s no revelation! You know, I’ve really got the taste for this type of work. Not cleaning so much, but the bouncing business. It’s a real workout! Like anyone, I’ve got me dreams but, I guess, one day the bubble will pop. In this job, you’ve got to be consistent and persistent. Nothing’s impossible. Don’t give up, even when things look dark, because you want to be the last one standing."
He then performed Coldplay's 'Sky Full Of Stars'.
In the final episode we discovered Bouncer's identity — it's Conrad Sewell!

Who is Cowgirl?

The second character to get an individual promo this season was Cowgirl.
"Cowgirl has some SPICY moo-ves!" reads the caption next to the Instagram clip shared by the show.
The video features Cowgirl singing 'Wannabe' by The Spice Girls, and asks viewers: "Is Cowgirl the Grammy winner? The reality TV queen?"
Just from these clues alone, fans started sharing their guesses, with most people on Instagram suggesting Courtney Act, who shot to fame on Australian Idol.
"Reality television queen? It's our Courtney finally!" wrote one person.
"That is, without a shadow of a doubt, our Courtney. Back home a few weeks ago, that high pitched voice is pretty unmistakable. That’s our reality TV queen right there!" penned another.
In the first episode, Cowgirl sang the Spice Girls' anthem 'Wannabe'. Her clues included a framed photo of host Mel B and 'not staying in one place'.
"The one thing everyone believes about cows is that we’re vegan — you’d think we’d leave certain foods untouched. Course, what you might not know about a Cowgirl is that we don't like staying in one place, even when young," she says in her clues package.
"Obviously, I’m not in the same place I was born. Do I have a favourite location? Anywhere free! You know, pro bono! Is there anything else you need to know about me? Only that you don’t have to come first, but it’s nice when you do!"
In her second episode, Cowgirl once again made plenty of references to 'spices' including ground ginger. She also held up a photo of cricketer Ian Healy.
"I got what I wanted during my last performance, a Spice Girl’s seal of approval, but this panel’s got to giddy up with their guesses," she says in her clues package.
"What’s it like to be a Cowgirl? It’s enjoying the things that make life spicy, but it’s not following the herd and I’m not a toy, you know? I’m not battery-powered. Well, I was once. Oh my, my, my. You know, I wouldn’t call myself a sore loser…or a sore winner! But I’m always sunny. And another thing, I’m a lover but maybe I don’t have enough gravity to succeed. Maybe I should travel abroad to be the real me."
For her second performance, she sang 'Flowers' by Miley Cyrus.
In her third clues package, Cowgirl brought a photo of Kerri Ann Kennerley and made a reference to 'mean girls'.
"Last time I put on a bloomin’ brilliant performance, the panel had a field day with their guesses," she says in her clues package.
"I haven’t always wanted to be a cowgirl; in a dream, I would be a doctor. From an early age, a cowgirl wants to escape. Of course, life doesn’t go where you want it to. I fell about 400 meters short. Never mind, that doesn’t mean you should be agro. Okay, I’m the first to say I’m no lady, but I’m no mean girl either, it’s the other girls who were mean to me on screen. I’m just happy to be who I am, and anyone else I choose to be."
For her third performance, she gave her rendition of Kasey Chambers' 'Not Pretty Enough'.
Fans still thought that it was Courtney Act under the Cowgirl mask.
In her fourth clues package, Cow Girl drank a cocktail with an entire banana in it and held up a Hot Wheels car.
"Tonight I’m heading to greener pastures. Back to my country I come again!" she said in her clues package.
"Strangely, for a Cow Girl, you won’t always find me out on the range. Actually, enclosed spaces are good too. That’s not to say I stay in one spot. So many countries welcome me with open arms! But I keep returning to my favourite place and where some Hot Wheels can be found! Actually, wherever I am I feel like a queen. Overall though, life as a Cow Girl makes me feel good! Like a guy winning a singing competition!"
After she performed 'Here You Come Again' by Dolly Parton, fans remained convinced it's Courtney Love under the Cow Girl mask.
In episode 8, Snow Girl was seen sitting beside a Christmas tree. She also said she's worked with the 'shortest' in the business.
"There I went again last performance leaving the panel udderly delighted! Tonight, this Cow Girl’s going for iconic so you better get ready to just dance!" she said in her clues package.
"As a Cow Girl, I have my secrets. Let me warn you that I’m no dairy cow, but if I was, my milk would be top fuel! I don’t mean to big-note myself but I worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment…and some of the shortest. You know, this really is a tough business. Even as a Cow Girl, people are fascinated with my body parts, or so a little bird told me. I got you, babe! Of course, in the end, you’ve just got to fight or face ruin."
She then performed 'Just Dance' by Lady Gaga.
Finally, in episode 10 Cow Girl was finally revealed to be... Courtney Act!

Who is Crash Test Dummy?

The promo suggested that Crash Test Dummy could be a 'Sporting Superstar'.
In the comments, fans suggested it might be former AFL player Brendan Fevola under the Crash Test Dummy mask.
A few months ago, Fevola dropped a hint that he was up to something 'secretive' on his radio show.
During a conversation with his Fifi, Fev & Nick co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody, Fevola mentioned that he was "supposed to go to Europe" but had to cancel his plans. He wouldn't elaborate on why he had to cancel.
“You are 100 per cent going on The Masked Singer,” Box replied, to which Fevola simply said, “Don’t ruin it".
“You know what’s killing you right now?” asked Box.
“You’ve signed the contract and it’s got all the confidentiality bits and you know the producers are listening and they’re like, ‘He has said something, he’s told someone.’”
In episode 1 we found out who Crash Test Dummy is — it's Brian Austen Green!

Who is Space Fairy?

For her first song, Space Fairy sang a rendition of Blu Cantrell's 'Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)'.
Afterwards, Dave Hughes said that Space Fairy is “one of the best singers to be on any series of The Masked Singer".
"I’m the Space Fairy! Am I from a different planet? I’m certainly from a different world. Landing in Australia, was it love at first sight? There’s no drama in that, but it’s too much having a life dissected in minute detail. Hear that? The pitter-patter of tiny feet!" she says in her clues package.
"You can probably tell this isn’t really my space, I prefer the sun. Somewhere filled with light! There’s no shame in that. Either way, there are so many lessons to be learned on earth, and if we learn from our mistakes I’m the smartest Fairy there is! Nowadays I’m always on."
Space Fairy's second clues package led the judges to think she might be from a reality TV show.
"My first mission on planet Masked Singer was a success, but I don’t know what planet the panel were on with their guesses," she says in the package.
"In my time on Earth, I’ve learned you can’t get on with everyone, especially when you don’t ‘meet’ their expectations. Silly sausages. Some people will swallow anything when forced to, especially when the experts make the match. I guess we all have our cross to bear. Still, Joy is my middle name. Of course, I’m not always happy, I’ve shed many tear drops. It’s tough living in two worlds. When you see me, do you see the real me? I don’t mind, as long as you don’t make stuff up. You can save the lies, you have no right to be wrong about me."
For her second performance, she gave her rendition of 'Always On My Mind' by Elvis Presley.
In episode 5 we found out who Space Fairy is — it's Charlotte Crosby!

Who is Snow Fox?

As for Snow Fox, we know she's a woman and in one promo, Mel B says she "can sing" and is "definitely a global international superstar".
In the comments section, fans were initially speculating that it could be Casey Donovan or Jessica Mauboy under the Snow Fox mask.
For her first performance, Snow Fox sang 'Addicted To You' by Avicii.
"I am the Snow Fox; graceful, sophisticated, and resilient. But there is more to my life than glamour, you don’t see the amount of hard work it takes to survive in my environment. Of course, here in my winter wonderland, it’s like every day is Christmas. But staying warm is brutal. My pulse has to beat fast," she says in her clues package.
"You know, little Snow Foxes are looked after well by their parents. It was during Snow Fox High School that my abilities became apparent. Now that I’m older I have the drive needed to stay alive."
In Snow Fox's second clue package, we see a glimpse of a gingerbread house and a Swedish flag.
"My first song, the panel’s guesses were as cold as ice. That performance was addictive and I can’t wait to take the stage tonight," she says in the package.
"Living somewhere this beautiful is a dream, home sweet home. You know, I’ve been through intense training. This is so much nicer. Of course, not all Snow Foxes are migratory but I’ve had more than one home. I didn’t build them myself, that would be ridiculous. Actually, I think God built this one. I’m known for my good works, but my mother spent her life with very different works. You do what you can."
For her second performance, Snow Fox sang '2 Be Loved' by Lizzo.
Judge Chrissie Swan thought it could be Swedish pop star Robyn under the mask, while fans in the comments believe it's Dami Im, who represented Australia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden.
"Last time around, I froze out the competition and left the panel lost in the woods. This Fox is going to blow your socks off," Snow Fox said in her third clues package.
"I’m Snow Fox, so I guess I’m a predator, but there’s no way you’ll find me dancing with the devil. I’m not that naughty. Making a living as a Snow Fox can be dangerous. Trolls always looking to shut me down. Don’t worry what other people say, it’s just jealousy. You know, even the greatest moments don’t come easily. The hunt can be difficult and the winter's long so, for me, it’s important to have faith in what you do!"
After singing 'Alone' by Heart, fans became even more convinced that it's Dami Im under the Snow Fox mask.
In episode 7, Snow Fox returned for her fourth performance. In her clues package, she made cryptic references to the number 29 and showed a book called Piano For Beginners.
"Tonight I am heading to a simpler time. No, not the ice age, back to an era when the King still reigned… Elvis, that is," she said in her clues package.
"It’s a big world out there. Cold, you have to keep moving, working, producing. Who knows where it might take you? You know, I’ve been conservative and I’ve been wild. Both need you to be confident, it’s a state of mind. My life as a Snow Fox is survival of the fittest. Competition is everywhere you look. Sometimes you’re number one, number two… or number 29. Just do your best. If you do your best, you have a reason to smile! Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone."
For her fourth song, she sang 'Respect' by Aretha Franklin. The judges' guesses included Delta Goodrem, Samantha Jade, Ellie Goulding, and Chaka Khan.
In episode 8, Snow Fox was handed a set of three old-fashioned keys and made several references to 'spices'.
"Last time I had to spell it out…tonight, the legendary Piano Man leads me down the yellow brick road for my performance," she said in her clues package.
"As a Snow Fox, childhood is different. You grow up quick, no time to rest. You never know which door will open up next. Like this masquerade, you never know. Of course, the path to where you’re headed is never clear, there are hurdles, but don’t let it leave a sour taste in your mouth. I never do. Then again, spice in my mouth helped me to take on my biggest challenge. Then I could tell people what I really, really want. But, right now, I’m ready to cook up something special."
She then performed Elton John's 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road'.
In the final episode, it was revealed that Snow Fox is... Dami Im! She was also crowned the winner of The Masked Singer 2023.

Who is Grim Reaper?

In one teaser, Chrissie Swan says the Grim Reaper's performance "was the most extraordinary two minutes of my life". In another promo, the show hints that the Grim Reaper could be a Grammy winner.
For his first performance, Grim Reaper performed Billie Eilish's 'when the party's over'.
"You call me the Grim Reaper…okay, maybe I started out Grim but now I actually enjoy life, it’s quite beautiful! Being the Grim Reaper has sudden highs and lows, for all of you, of course. I come to lead your soul so you step into the light," he says in his first clues package.
"My job never stops, no time off but millions of happy customers. It’s just about all I know! Being the Grim Reaper is a good life, it’s not bliss but it’s close to it."
In his second clues package, Grim Reaper walked through a graveyard before holding up a newspaper that read 'Life is full of precious moments'.
"Last time, I left the panel spooked with my performance; they tried my best to peak under my hood…What offering will I bring for them tonight?" he says.
"Sorry, but it took me a while to wake up. Okay, let me say this; I’m the one who makes decisions about who stays and who goes. Please, don’t take it personal. You know, I know what it’s like to be on the edge, but I’m more mature now. I think I’ve got it together. The way I dress is quite the throwback, like something from another era…but how long ago? You know, I escort the souls of the dead, so I understand if I’m not popular. I get it, but that’s the gig."
He then sang 'Unholy' by Sam Smith and Kim Petras, hitting all the high notes.
"Last time, I gave an otherworldly performance, the panel made some ghoulish guesses but do they have a hope in hell of unmasking me tonight?"Grim Reaper said in his third clues package.
"Being the Grim Reaper is my own little empire. This job can get lonely, even with so many people around me. It’s funny, that’s why I get clay feet in the country. I know being Grim Reaper is an important job but I have dreamed of doing something else. But let’s get serious, it’s in my DNA and, in the end, this is what I do. I probably can’t start again."
He then performed 'Oops!…I Did It Again' by Britney Spears.
At this stage, fans are adamant that it's Darren Hayes, aka one half of Savage Garden, under the Grim Reaper mask.
In his fourth clues package, the Grim Reaper showed a photo of Michael Jackson and made reference to going 'platinum'.
"It’s time to head to the other side of the century, where overalls, double denim, grunge and hip-hop ruled the ‘90s," he said in his clues package.
"You mighty ask why I’m holding an old farming implement, I don’t really know. I grew up in the big smoke! Ooh, it’s sharp. I heal fast! Now I know people feel crushing fear when they see me approaching. I get it, but despite what I do for a living, I don’t feel like I have bloodstains on my hands. And don’t confuse me for a vampire, or a werewolf howling at the moon. A silver bullet won’t kill me…but I love platinum! To you, this is a graveyard. Maybe you’ll see the devil. But I know there are delights still to come."
He then performed 'Breathe Again' by Toni Braxton.
In episode 8, Grim Reaper was seen reading a book called The Flamingo With Muscles and standing next to a mausoleum with the name 'VADER' on it.
"I promised and delivered on my last performance, tonight a legend has opened up heaven’s doors. I can’t wait to take you to the other side," he said in his clues package.
"When you do what I do, it’s easy to get down on yourself but the simple things bring me back into the light. No, not caffeine! Can I think of three adjectives to describe myself? No, actually I can’t. But you can’t worry about what people say about you, that’s their problem. What does matter is love. That’s all. We all need to be loved."
He then performed 'Knockin' On Heaven's Door' by Bob Dylan and fans are still convinced it's Darren Hayes under the Grim Reaper mask.
In the final epsiode, we finally discovered who Grim Reaper is — it's Darren Hayes! He has come in second place.

Who is Bluebottle?

We could have another Spice Girl in the house!
In one promo, Bluebottle sang a rendition of Blondie’s timeless classic 'Call Me'.
The performance particularly excited judge Mel B, who declared that Bluebottle has to be her former Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton, AKA Baby Spice.
"I hear Emma Bunton, Baby Spice," Mel B says in the clip. "And it sounds like you, Emma."
"It's her," she added, pointing at Bluebottle.
For her first song, Bluebottle sang Dionne Warwick's classic 'I Say A Little Prayer'. Her clues include the beach and a giant clam.
"As you can see, I’m a Bluebottle, although I had no choice in the colour. I’m a little animal with a big warning. I can cause you severe pain. Don’t worry, no license to kill. Just annoy," she says in her clues package.
"Let me tell you what the water gave me…no, not mermaids. Abalone or something like that. Oh yes, I could teach you all a thing or two. Do you find me beautiful? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"
In Episode 4 we found out who Bluebottle is — it's Shaynna Blaze!

Who is Fawn?

Fawn has been described as 'Aussie Royalty'.
In the first episode, she sang the Pussycat Doll's 'Don't Cha' which led Mel B to claim that it was former judge Jackie O under the mask.
Last year, Jackie O made the decision to step away from the judging panel so she could spend more time with her daughter Kitty.
"If someone had told me years ago that I’d be on a show with singing and dancing prawns, unicorns, and an octopus, I would have thought they were crazy. Along came the Masked Singer which gave me years of the most fun I’ve ever had on TV due largely to the fact that I worked with an amazing panel and host who have become lifelong friends, @danniiminogue @urzilacarlson @dhughesy & @osher_gunsberg," she shared on Instagram at the time.
"It’s been an incredibly tough decision but I’ve decided to step away this year. Filming always coincides with school holidays and after 3 years of missing out I’ve decided to spend my mid year radio break holidaying with my daughter whilst she’s still happy to hang out with her mum. 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️
"I look forward to watching the show from the couch."
In episode 2 we found out who Fawn is — it's Sandra Sully!

Who is Tiny?

The promo hints that Tiny is a 'Celebrity Super Dad', leaving fans to guess that it could be The Bachelor's Sam Wood or even television presenter Grant Denyer under the mask.
For his first song, Tiny sang 'Walking On Sunshine' by Katrina and The Waves. His clues include being 'top of the class', algebra, ringing a tiny bell, and a brief flash of a shark.
"Hi, I’m Tiny and nothing much scares me. I think we all know that’s true. Sorry, forgive my speed, I’m not as fast as I used to be. So let me tell you about myself. As a monster, I’m top of the class, one step ahead!" he says in his clues package.
"Okay, we’re all caught up now. Here ye, here ye, let my voice be heard all over the world. You know, there’s a lot of opportunities as a monster. It’s actually very difficult choosing what to do. Do you really need to know more about me? Or is it ‘fin’? That means the end."
In his second clues package, Tiny is seen standing next to a fur coat that a rat seems to jump out of.
"Last time, the guesses could have been a total wipeout, I was walking on sunshine but I’m ready for a monster act this evening," he says in the package.
"People say that I look scary. Really? You don’t like the way I look? Well, that’s just swell. So look at my house, well let me tell you I’m miles from where I started. I won’t sugarcoat it, this is nothing like my first home, that was just a billabong. Look at that rubbish, it’s screaming, ‘pick me up!’ Imagine if we all threw our rubbish on the ground. I know it’s hard to love a monster like me, I would be a very long time waiting, wouldn’t I? Maybe I should admit defeat. I won’t do that, because there’s always hope. The sun will shine again!"
For his second performance, Tiny sang 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys, which led fans to believe that Australian singer Pete Murray is under the mask.
In episode 6 we found out who Tiny is — it's Pete Murray!

Who is Bad Avocado?

According to the promo, Bad Avocado is a 'Billion Stream Powerhouse' who will 'guac your world'.
For her first song, Bad Avocado performed 'Better Days' by Neiked & Mae Muller.
"I’m a Bad Avocado, so what? People treat me like they know me, that’s enough to brown off anyone! Y’know, most Avocados grew up with a lot of warmth and heat, I was a bit green when I came to attention," she says in her clues package.
"You’d think that would make me highly strung, but I know when to call it quits and just let it slide. Would you like a slice? Just look at it through my eyes, there’s a lot to unpack in someone’s life, so quit the judgment, okay? They reckon that time heals, we’ll see about that!"
In episode three we found out who Bad Avocado is — it's Summer Warne (Shane Warne's daughter).
Watch this space as we continue to update this article with The Masked Singer 2023 latest clues and theories.
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