Every Clue & Theory For The Masked Singer Australia 2023

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Spoilers ahead. Be prepared to get your sleuth on because The Masked Singer Australia is back.
Another lineup of mystery celebs are singing their hearts out under their quirky costumes, and it's up to audiences and the judges to figure out their true identities. This year, Abbie Chatfield, Mel B, Chrissie Swan and Dave 'Hughesy' Hughes have returned to the judging panel for Season 5.
The first two episodes have already given us plenty of clues to start the guessing game. Some of the general clues have included that someone is a Grammy-winning global superstar, another is a Hollywood heartthrob, while yet another mystery celeb is a sporting hero.
Here's a roundup of all of the clues and theories (as they drop) about who is behind each mask. Let the guessing game begin.

Who is Bouncer?

Bouncer was the first character to get a standalone promo video, and fans were quick to start guessing who was behind the kangaroo costume and mask.
"Is Bouncer the most surprising roo-veal ever?" reads the caption next to the clip shared on the Channel 10 show's official Instagram account.
The video shows Bouncer singing a stellar rendition of John Farnham's famous track 'You're The Voice,' blowing the judges away by hitting some high notes.
Many avid viewers of the show have taken to the comments section to speculate who Bouncer is, and so far the answer has been quite unanimous: Australian ARIA Award-winning singer, Conrad Sewell.
"I’m confident its @conradofficial I listen to his songs and heard his voice as I’m sure it’s has to be him (sic)," one person wrote.
"Think it’s pretty obvious it’s Conrad Sewell as I definitely recognise that voice underneath the Kangaroo mask," another wrote.
For his first song, Bouncer sang the classic 'Hit The Road, Jack'.
His clues included 'being close to midnight', a glimpse of an angel and a devil, a rising thermometer, and an arrow laying on a bar.
"Where I come from it’s hot, almost 100 in the old money and everything I’ve got is from the sweat of my brow. You know, being a big red – well that’s in my DNA, you’ve got no choice but to be what you’ll be from a young age. But that’s alright, I’m a glass half-full roo. After all, we’ve all got our demons and angels. But if you believe in the higher power you’re going to be okay. Well, it’s getting late, almost midnight, another long but ordinary day for this roo. Time to close the door," he said during his clue package.
Judge Dave Hughes guessed that Luke Hemmings, the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer was behind the Bouncer mask.
"There was a clock that was five seconds to midnight," Hughes said. "This is someone who is from 5 Seconds Of Summer — 5SOS!"
"Big Red — one of their last singles was 'Red Line', the lead singer of 5SOS is Luke Hemmings!"

Who is Cowgirl?

The second character to get an individual promo this season was Cowgirl.
"Cowgirl has some SPICY moo-ves!" reads the caption next to the Instagram clip shared by the show.
The video features Cowgirl singing 'Wannabe' by The Spice Girls, and asks viewers: "Is Cowgirl the Grammy winner? The reality TV queen?"
Just from these clues alone, fans have started sharing their guesses, with most people on Instagram suggesting Courtney Act, who shot to fame on Australian Idol.
"Reality television queen? It's our Courtney finally!" wrote one person.
"That is, without a shadow of a doubt, our Courtney. Back home a few weeks ago, that high pitched voice is pretty unmistakable. That’s our reality TV queen right there!" penned another.
In the first episode, Cowgirl sung the Spice Girls' anthem 'Wannabe'. Her clues included a framed photo of host Mel B and 'not staying in one place'.
"The one thing everyone believes about cows is that we’re vegan - you’d think we’d leave certain foods untouched. Course, what you might not know about a Cow Girl is that we don't like staying in one place, even when young," she says in her clues package.
"Obviously, I’m not in the same place I was born. Do I have a favourite location? Anywhere free! You know, pro bono! Is there anything else you need to know about me? Only that you don’t have to come first, but it’s nice when you do!"

Who is Crash Test Dummy?

The promo suggested that Crash Test Dummy could be a 'Sporting Superstar'.
In the comments, fans suggested it might be former AFL player Brendan Fevola under the Crash Test Dummy mask.
A few months ago, Fevola dropped a hint that he was up to something 'secretive' on his radio show.
During a conversation with his Fifi, Fev & Nick co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody, Fevola mentioned that he was "supposed to go to Europe" but had to cancel his plans. He wouldn't elaborate on why he had to cancel.
“You are 100 per cent going on The Masked Singer,” Box replied, to which Fevola simply said, “Don’t ruin it".
“You know what’s killing you right now?” asked Box.
“You’ve signed the contract and it’s got all the confidentiality bits and you know the producers are listening and they’re like, ‘He has said something, he’s told someone.’”
In episode 1 we found out who Crash Test Dummy is — it's Brian Austen Green!

Who is Space Fairy?

One promo hinted Space Fairy is a 'Global Singing Sensation' whose voice 'will take you to another planet'.
For her first song, Space Fairy did her rendition of Blu Cantrell's 'Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!)'.
Afterwards, Dave Hughes said Space Fairy is “one of the best singers to be on any series of The Masked Singer".
"I’m the Space Fairy! Am I from a different planet? I’m certainly from a different world. Landing in Australia, was it love at first sight? There’s no drama in that, but it’s too much having a life dissected in minute detail. Hear that? The pitter-patter of tiny feet!" she says in her clues package.
"You can probably tell this isn’t really my space, I prefer the sun. Somewhere filled with light! There’s no shame in that. Either way, there are so many lessons to be learned on earth, and if we learn from our mistakes I’m the smartest Fairy there is! Nowadays I’m always on."
At this stage, fans believe it could be Jessica Mauboy or Tones and I under the Space Fairy mask.

Who is Snow Fox?

As for Snow Fox, so far we know she's a woman and in one promo, Mel B says she "can sing" and is "definitely a global international superstar".
In the comments section, fans are speculating that it could be Casey Donovan or Jessica Mauboy under the Snow Fox mask.
For her first performance, Snow Fox sang 'Addicted To You' by Avicii.
"I am the Snow Fox; graceful, sophisticated, and resilient. But there is more to my life than glamour, you don’t see the amount of hard work it takes to survive in my environment. Of course, here in my winter wonderland, it’s like every day is Christmas. But staying warm is brutal. My pulse has to beat fast," she says in her clue package.
"You know, little Snow Foxes are looked after well by their parents. It was during Snow Fox High School that my abilities became apparent. Now that I’m older I have the drive needed to stay alive."

Who is Grim Reaper?

In one teaser, Chrissie Swan says the Grim Reaper's performance "was the most extraordinary two minutes of my life".
In another promo, the show hints that the Grim Reaper could be a Grammy winner.
For his first performance, Grim Reaper performed Billie Eilish's 'when the party's over'.
"You call me the Grim Reaper… okay, maybe I started out Grim but now I actually enjoy life, it’s quite beautiful! Being the Grim Reaper has sudden highs and lows, for all of you of course. I come to lead your soul so you step into the light," he says in his clues package.
"My job never stops, no time off but millions of happy customers. It’s just about all I know! Being the Grim Reaper is a good life, it’s not bliss but it’s close to it."
At this stage, fans believe it might be Darren Hayes, aka one half of Savage Garden, under the Grim Reaper mask.

Who is Bluebottle?

We could have another Spice Girl in the house!
In a recent promo, Bluebottle sang a rendition of Blondie’s timeless classic 'Call Me'.
The performance particularly excited judge Mel B, who declared that Bluebottle has to be her former Spice Girls bandmate Emma Bunton, AKA Baby Spice.
"I hear Emma Bunton, Baby Spice," Mel B says in the clip. "And it sounds like you, Emma."
"It's her," she added, pointing at Bluebottle.
For her first song, Bluebottle sang Dionne Warwick's classic 'I Say A Little Prayer'. Her clues include the beach and a giant clam.
"As you can see, I’m a Bluebottle, although I had no choice in the colour. I’m a little animal with a big warning. I can cause you severe pain. Don’t worry, no license to kill. Just annoy," she says in her clues package.
"Let me tell you what the water gave me… no, not mermaids. Abalone or something like that. Oh yes, I could teach you all a thing or two. Do you find me beautiful? Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"

Who is Fawn?

Fawn has been described as 'Aussie Royalty'.
In the first episode, she sang the Pussycat Doll's 'Don't Cha' which led Mel B to claim that it was former judge Jackie O under the mask.
Last year, Jackie O made the decision to step away from the judging panel so she could spend more time with her daughter Kitty.
"If someone had told me years ago that I’d be on a show with singing and dancing prawns, unicorns, and an octopus, I would have thought they were crazy. Along came the Masked Singer which gave me years of the most fun I’ve ever had on TV due largely to the fact that I worked with an amazing panel and host who have become lifelong friends, @danniiminogue @urzilacarlson @dhughesy & @osher_gunsberg," she shared on Instagram at the time.
"It’s been an incredibly tough decision but I’ve decided to step away this year. Filming always coincides with school holidays and after 3 years of missing out I’ve decided to spend my mid year radio break holidaying with my daughter whilst she’s still happy to hang out with her mum. 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️
"I look forward to watching the show from the couch."
In episode 2 we found out who Fawn is — it's Sandra Sully!

Who is Tiny?

The promo hints that Tiny is a 'Celebrity Super Dad' leaving fans to guess that it could be The Bachelor's Sam Wood or even television presenter Grant Denyer under the mask.
For his first song, Tiny sang 'Walking On Sunshine' by Katrina and The Waves. His clues include being 'top of the class', algebra, ringing a tiny bell, and a brief flash of a shark.
"Hi, I’m Tiny and nothing much scares me. I think we all know that’s true. Sorry, forgive my speed, I’m not as fast as I used to be. So let me tell you about myself. As a monster I’m top of the class, one step ahead!" he says in his clues package.
"Okay, we’re all caught up now. Here ye, here ye, let my voice be heard all over the world. You know, there’s a lot of opportunities as a monster. It’s actually very difficult choosing what to do. Do you really need to know more about me? Or is it ‘fin’? That means the end."

Who is Bad Avocado?

According to the promo, Bad Avocado is a 'Billion Stream Powerhouse' who will 'guac your world'.
For his first song, Bad Avocado performed 'Better Days' by Neiked & Mae Muller.
"I’m a Bad Avocado, so what? People treat me like they know me, that’s enough to brown off anyone! Y’know, most Avocados grew up with a lot of warmth and heat, I was a bit green when I came to attention," he says in his clues package.
"You’d think that would make me highly strung, but I know when to call it quits and just let it slide. Would you like a slice? Just look at it through my eyes, there’s a lot to unpack in someone’s life, so quit the judgment, okay? They reckon that time heals, we’ll see about that!"
Watch this space as we continue to update this article with The Masked Singer 2023 latest clues and theories.
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