Bow Down, Bridgertons: Queen Charlotte Is Getting Her Own Show

Photo: courtesy of Netflix.
It’s been only a week since the highly anticipated second season of Bridgerton has hit Netflix, but fans of the popular Julia Quinn novels-turned-steamy-soap can already look forward to more of the Regency Era romance playing out on screen. In addition to two more installments of the popular series, Netflix has greenlit a spinoff that will focus on the most interesting member of London’s ton: the queen herself. 
On March 30, Netflix revealed that the Bridgerton Cinematic Universe (BCU) would be expanding to uncover even more of the scandals that we’ve grown to love since the show first premiered in 2020. A new original series is in the works, and it will move away from the family tree of the Bridgertons to focus on the origin story of Queen Charlotte (played by Golda Rosheuval). The untitled project will travel back in time to explore the queen’s journey to become the iron fist of the ton, beginning with her arrival in London and her complicated relationship with her soon-to-be-husband. As Charlotte tries to find her place in society as a soon-to-be-royal, she’ll connect with Agatha Danbury (Adjoa Andoh), who sees the new queen’s arrival an opportunity to make a name for herself within the tight-knit community that she’s only been on the outskirts of thus far. Together, both young women will take the city by storm, changing the course of high society London for generations to come in the process. 
For those of us who have previously felt a little disappointed in the show’s discussion of race, specifically pertaining to the characters of Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury, it looks like the spinoff will take a more direct approach to the subject. We’ve always wondered how they got to be in positions that they’re in — season two barely winked at the trials that came along with their prestige in society — and the premise of the new project hints that those struggles will finally come to light. The 1800s-era racism is coming, y’all! Thankfully, it won’t be all microaggressions; after all, Bridgerton wouldn’t be Bridgerton without the butterfly-inducing romance. We’ll get to see a stunning romance play out between a young Charlotte (played by India Amarteifio) and her betrothed King George (Corey Mylchreest). Lady Danbury’s (new talent Arsema Thomas) unique love story will be one of self-love and determination, involving a journey of self-discovery as she attempts to balance her identities as a Black woman in a white society and as the wife of the much older Lord Danbury (​​Cyril Nri). 
Two new seasons of Bridgerton have already been announced, and although there’s no word just yet on who the stories will focus on, our money’s on middle siblings Benedict (Luke Thompson) and Eloise (Claudia Jessie). Netflix hasn’t specified when fans can expect the new Bridgerton project to be released, but we expect that it will be some time before Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury take center stage in the BCU.  While we wait for the gworls that we actually want to see — what? You know you were thinking it, too — we can rest assured knowing that the spinoff will for sure deliver where fashion and beauty are concerned. Leave it to Queen Charlotte to serve a look.
Seasons 1 and 2 of Bridgerton are now available for streaming on Netflix. 

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