Here’s Everything Coming To Amazon Prime Video Australia In November 2021

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If you're like me and waiting eagerly for the Game of Thrones prequel to drop next year, you may find some comfort in a new TV show I've discovered that could help fill that void for the next few months.
In November, Amazon Prime Video is releasing The Wheel of Time, an Australian production based on the popular American fantasy novels.
It's set in a magical world that only certain women are allowed to access, with Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) – a member of a powerful all-female organisation – embarking on a dangerous journey with five young women and men. What happens when one of them is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn who would either save or destroy humanity? We shall find out.
In my opinion, Aussie TV doesn't have enough content in this genre, so I'm intrigued and counting down the days until I can binge it.
Image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Madeleine Madden and Josh Stradowski in The Wheel of Time
A timely one for the documentary lovers as we get closer to Summer is Burning. Created by well-known Australian filmmaker Eva Orner, the doco takes an unflinching look at the deadly Australian bushfires of 2019-2020 known as 'Black Summer', and just watching the trailer brought back memories of the intense conditions we watched the country endure just before the pandemic kicked in.
This documentary strives to remind us climate change is so utterly real and as humans we must find a solution so history doesn't repeat itself.
I can't fail to mention Christmas movies while we're here, and from Once Upon A Holiday to Christmas Connection and The Christmas Secret, you're bound to find the nostalgia and cheesiness of festive films that we crave ahead of the holidays.
I'll leave you with the complete list of absolutely everything coming to Amazon Prime Video in November. Enjoy!

TV Shows

Tommy Little: I’ll See Myself Out (05/11/2021)
Tampa Baes (05/11/2021)
Pete The Cat (05/11/2021)
This Is Us (11/11/2021)
Most Dangerous Game (12/11/2021)
Always Jane (12/11/2021)
Warrior (15/11/2021)
The Wheel of Time (19/11/2021)
Everybody Loves Natti (19/11/2021)
Hanna (24/11/2021)


Midnight’s Children (01/11/2021)
Journey Back To Christmas (01/11/2021)
Once Upon A Holiday (01/11/2021)
Mingle All The Way (01/11/2021)
Angel of Christmas (01/11/2021)
Christmas Getaway (01/11/2021)
A Joyous Christmas (01/11/2021)
Christmas Next Door (01/11/2021)
A Dream of Christmas (01/11/2021)
Winter’s Dream (01/11/2021)
Love You Like Christmas (01/11/2021)
Christmas At Graceland (01/11/2021)
Switched For Christmas (01/11/2021)
Operation Christmas (01/11/2021)
The Christmas Train (01/11/2021)
Chistmas In Evergreen (01/11/2021)
Miss Christmas (01/11/2021)
Christmas Homecoming (01/11/2021)
Christmas Connection (01/11/2021)
The Unholy (02/11/2021)
Great White (07/11/2021)
Pharma Bro (12/11/2021)
Mayor Pete (12/11/2021)
The Truffle Hunters (18/11/2021)
World To Come (23/11/2021)
Burning (26/11/2021)
Pixie (26/11/2021)
Six Minutes to Midnight (28/11/2021)
French Exit (30/11/2021)

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