Everything You Need To Know About Season 2 Of Tiger King

In March 2020, the world collectively lost their damn minds when Netflix dropped the wild true crime documentary, Tiger King.
Now, just as we had all but left Joe Exotic and his motley crew of dedicated employees behind us, all you cool cats and kittens can delight in the fact that the show's second season is on the way, with the streaming service dropping the trailer today.
Following Joe Exotic, the eccentric leader of an Oklahoma tiger zoo called The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Parkland, and his nemesis, Carole Baskin, founder of a tiger sanctuary called Big Cat Rescue. Over eight episodes we witnessed the deranged goings-on of the big cat breeding underworld, that devolves into a murder plot — and what could be the murder case of Baskin's missing husband.
*Spoiler alert*
The end of the first season saw Joe Exotic be convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison for his plans to have Carole Baskin killed by a hitman (just a reminder that this is real life), which left many viewers wondering if we would ever get any more stories out of the captivating cast.
Luckily for fans — and those of us who simply watch to see what all the fuss is about — the second season is not only happening, but it should be with us very soon. For everything to know about the second season of Tiger King, including the cast, release date, and official trailer, read on.

What is the plot of Tiger King season 2?

Naturally, there will be more murder.
Picking up right where we left off, the season will continue to take a look into the alleged plot to have Carole Baskin killed, with Joe Exotic still pleading his innocence, and bringing the shady character, Jeff Lowe — his business partner turned mortal foe — under a microscope.
With little seen of Carole Baskin herself in the trailer, the series looks to be shifting its focus to the suspicious details surrounding Baskin's missing husband, Don Lewis.
"With Joe Exotic behind bars and Carole Baskin closing in on ownership of his disreputable zoo, the Emmy-nominated saga continues its twisted course with Tiger King 2 as newfound revelations emerge on the motivations, backstories, and secrets of America's most notorious big cat owners," said Netflix in a statement. "Old enemies and frenemies, including Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark, Allen Glover, and James Garretson return for another season of murder, mayhem, and madness. Thought you knew the whole story? Just you wait."

Who will be in Tiger King season 2?

All the old favourites seem to be back, according to snippets from the trailer, with one of the zoo's employees remarking that their lives have completely changed since the show aired and went viral.
But while we've received a glimpse of a host of new faces and experts, all chipping in their two cents around Don's disappearance and all of the Joe and Carole drama, two famous faces were not spotted in the trailer aside from in throwback footage: Carole Baskin and fan favourite Saff.
And of course, there will be plenty of animals.

When is Tiger King Season 2 coming out?

Hate it or love it, the show is headed back to our screens pretty darn soon — meaning The Internet is on the verge of a frenzy. You can catch all of the drama on November 17, 2021 on Netflix.
Watch the full trailer below:

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