10 Movies & TV Shows That Increased Disability Visibility

Photo: FOX/ Getty Images.
Me Before You will open to hordes of excited book fans. Featuring a main character paralyzed from the neck down, it adds to the canon of films that portray disabled characters. Film and TV have a history of being less than exemplary when it comes to showcasing diverse characters, and characters with disabilities are no exception. Yet over the years, well-rounded characters who have disabilities, but aren't defined by them, have emerged on screen.
Sometimes they're the main character of a TV show going through most storylines naturally, with just a mention or two of how they explore the unique challenges they face. Occasionally, an entire show will focus on bringing a community of disabled characters to light. Films tend to favour true stories that are dramatized. While they can have a tendency to be maudlin or condescending, some of these films have proven to be sensitive portrayals of men and women struggling with disabilities.
Whether you're into comedy, drama, or tearjerkers, you can always make room for shows and movies that don't solely feature able-bodied characters. Click ahead for our top 10.

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