“Y2K Heart Nails” Are So Hot Right Now

We're in the midst of a Y2K fashion moment. These days, you can't step outside or scroll through your socials without spotting at variations of the cowl neck halter top, or trucker hats, and now we've spotted the nail-art trend to match. Gen-Z is calling it "Y2K heart nails."
The design resembles the cartoon bubble hearts you'd doodle in your spiral notebook while zoning out during year seven maths class. The nostalgic '00s aesthetic is sure to be a hot request in salons once we're out of lockdown. According to new Pinterest data, 'Y2K heart nails' are the top beauty search trend for August — dominating the pre-summer mood board.
To get a better idea of the visual, and the photo to pull up at your upcoming nail appointment, scroll through our favourite design inspo, ahead.

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