#Empties From Your Favorite Beauty Editors

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Being in the beauty industry comes with a myriad of perks, from hearing about products before they hit shelves to chatting up celebrities about their newest beauty releases. Perhaps the greatest bonus — as many a beauty editor will tell you — is having all the newest industry innovations at your fingertips, to take home and test out at will.

Humblebrag aside, all this test-driving can lead to some serious beauty enlightenment. Because industry heavy-hitters are constantly being bombarded with products, it’s a big deal when they go #empties status on one — when they use it to the very last drop. And while, yes, you could always simply search for this hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, we've put together the recent #empties of nine experts from some of our all-time favorite publications.

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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Jessica Matlin, Deputy Beauty Editor, Cosmopolitan
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“I try not to deviate from my (at least) seven-step evening skin-care routine — I love the ritual — but on late nights, I just use this bad boy. This lavender scented oil ultimately gives me the same results (and I don’t go to bed nearly embalmed).”
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“When I discovered this eye cream, I stopped using undereye concealer altogether. The peachy-pink formula doesn’t impart color so much as diffuse the look of shadows and lines, all while drenching the area with moisture. In a Marie Antoinette-like move, my pal uses this as her foundation, and I can see why.”
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“After trying this just once, I was a believer in the cult of Purely Perfect: It gave my hair the silkiness I had when I was a kid, with the second-day feel I’ve been chasing since high school."
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“The perfect brandy shade, it’s sheer enough that it’s not giving too much Brenda Walsh but it’s still on that '90s trend that I never quite left behind. Finally, I’m in fashion this year.”
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“Good god, whatever this woman is doing, it’s working. Glow-y, cooling, and completely rejuvenating, this is one of my newest secret weapons — and it’s going fast.”
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Ying Chu, Executive Beauty Director, Glamour
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“One pump after I wash my face and my skin feels baby-soft, totally transformed, and protected (it’s an antioxidant workhorse, so the protection bit is probably psychological). And, I’m obsessed with the smell — there’s something yummy, fresh, and subtly beachy about it. At night, I follow it with a face oil and then a light cream; for day, it’s just this, then straight to sunblock.”
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“I’m totally hooked on the scent and whipped texture of this lovely, melt-on-contact hydrator. It’s magic in the summer, when you store it in the fridge. Oh, and my husband is a fan, so the jar seems to disappear almost instantaneously.”
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“This one’s a must before bed, always. And, on days when I wake up looking particularly drab, I pat it over the top of makeup — it works wonders as a highlighter on browbones and along the tops of cheekbones.”
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“I don’t walk out the door without this slathered on my face and hands. I mix it with a few drops of foundation (my go-to is Armani Maestro) and put it on with my fingers. It’s my tinted moisturizer/BB/CC/DD hack.”
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“An all-around savior for dry spots on face, lips, elbows, fingers, anywhere. If I’ve subjected my skin to too many peels or scrubs, I apply a thin layer and use it as a sleeping mask. Never fails!”
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Megan McIntyre, Beauty Director, Refinery29
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“I am a spritzing fanatic. I keep multiple bottles of facial mist on my desk and in my bathroom. I spritz in the a.m. right after I wash my face. I spritz over top of my makeup to give my skin a dewy glow and lock in my look. I spritz multiple times throughout the day to add hydration, and I spritz at night after cleansing and before my usual serum and night cream. My name is Megan, and I'm a spritz-aholic.

"I've used plenty of phenomenal face mists in my day, but this green buy from Yüli is my all-time favorite. Fresh, light, and it softens and evens out my skin tone like no other. This stuff is magic for your complexion, and I make sure I'm never without a bottle.”
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“I've recently said sayonara to my heat-styling tools in an effort to keep my frequently dyed locks as healthy as can be. Air-drying has become my styling routine of choice, but with very fine hair, it can be hard to get the definition and texture I crave — my hair dries very flat and silky. Enter: wave spray. It adds the texture my fine, soft hair needs to create volume and wave.

"This one from Olivine is clutch. It creates that fresh-from-seaside-frolicking tousle I love, without making my strands feel sticky or crunchy. Not to mention the gorgeous scent it leaves on my hair — it's like someone bottled the smell of sunkissed skin.”
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“As a pale Irish girl who turns bright-red just looking at the sun, SPF is the main product I use to the last drop. In fact, I've been known to go through an entire full-sized bottle of sunscreen in the course of a beach-getaway weekend.

"I don't usually like mineral sunscreens because they cause my acne-prone skin to break out and can be super-hard to spread evenly on the skin, but this little baby from Avène does none of those things. It goes on super-silky and absorbs into the skin, leaving my complexion feeling soft, protected, and not the least bit greasy.”
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Alle Connell, Senior Beauty Editor, Daily Makeover
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“I was a serum skeptic until I found this product, and now I don't know how I lived without it. Hydrating without being greasy, brightening without being harsh — it's seriously like magic in a bottle. Plus, it's the only serum I've ever found that doesn't aggravate my keratosis pilaris, which is key for me.”
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“This one concealer has replaced four other products in my daily makeup routine. Not only is it incredibly blendable and waterproof, it's also thick enough to hide my gnarliest undereye circles without ever, ever looking cakey. This is the number-one product people thank me for turning them on to. It's life-changing.”
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“This (and its partner, CeraVe AM) is the only moisturizer I use. I don't just use this until the bottle is empty, I STOCKPILE it. I have no fewer than five bottles of this in my apartment as we speak. It's the last word in non-greasy, non-scented hydration. I'm obsessed.”
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“I'm a cat-eye girl, and this is hands-down the best liquid liner I have ever used. The tip is so delicate, the formula so long-lasting and dark, the pen so easy to hold...it makes it impossible NOT to get a perfect line. I use this until the pen is dry and empty, and have for years now. It's my best-kept eye-makeup secret!”
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Marta Topran, Deputy Beauty Editor, Seventeen
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“I’m so skeptical about trying new mascaras, as they usually disappoint. I was challenged by a friend to try this new one WITHOUT curling my lashes first — something I always had to do for my stick-straight lashes. Well, I’m so happy I did. There are little tiny hooks on the end of each bristle on this wand that grab onto your hairs and lift and curl them, no lash curler required. The curl stays all day, the formula never flakes, and I’ve gone through four tubes already, I love it so much.”
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“When John Frieda announced it was bringing back its Beach Blonde collection this spring, I freaked out. This spray was my go-to in high school, and I’ve been rallying for its resurrection ever since it was discontinued. Not only does it smell like a vacation in a bottle, it also gives my short lob the best beachy texture, ever.”
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“My obsession with these fragrances is bordering on absurd — I have the sprays, the roller balls, the oil versions, and the newest solid perfumes. The white version is really feminine, with notes of peonies and musk, while the black is sexier with sandalwood and vanilla. My secret cocktail: three spritzes of white, and one of black. Copy me and you’ll get just as many ‘you smell SO good’ compliments.”
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Jenny Bailly, Beauty Director, Allure
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“A little goes a very long way…and I still clean out a jar every few months. This mask has nailed a magic combination of honey (lots of honey!) and shea butter that leaves your skin ridiculously soft. I leave it on for a few minutes in the morning when I want my makeup to go on extra-smooth. Or, I wear it all night (it’s sticky…but I’m not a stomach sleeper), and wake up looking like I just got back from a very long, very delicious vacation.”
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“The art of brow makeup has long eluded me. When I use pencils, my brows look…penciled. When I use gels, they get crispy. When I use powders…I’ve never really figured out what to do with powders. This brow groomer, however, I have completely mastered. It has tiny fibers to give my brows a little extra heft and just enough gel to leave them smooth — but not even a little crunchy.”
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“I just started using this hand cream a few weeks ago, but it’s gotten rid of every scaly patch on my winter-weary, over-washed hands without leaving them slick and goopy. My husband snagged the last squeeze the other night before bed, and I actually used scissors to cut open the tube and get one final hit.”
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Claire Fontanetta, Beauty Assistant, Marie Claire
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“Concealer is the one thing I HAVE to put on before I leave my apartment. This one from It Cosmetics is genius because it has 50+ SPF and it’s full-coverage, but still looks super-natural.”
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“I'm constantly running out of this cream blush hybrid because I carry it everywhere I go. It's my go-to for when I want a quick pop of color (which is basically every day).”
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“Everyone loves a refreshing face mist, and I'm no exception. I keep this one at my desk for when I need a little pick-me-up.”
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“Finding the perfect black liner is no simple task (trust me). I love this long-lasting formula because it won’t budge throughout the day, and the felt tip makes it super-easy to apply."
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Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
Amber Kallor, Senior Beauty Editor, Style.com
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“Don’t tell customs, but I traffic this makeup remover back in bulk from Europe every season. It takes off everything — from red lipstick to waterproof mascara — minus any oily residue.”
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“A lazy girl’s secret weapon: this tube of orangey-red makes me look instantly pulled-together…not like I slapped on some lipstick and called it a day (the real truth).”
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“That supernatural skin you see on the runway? Nine times out of 10, it’s all thanks to this highlighter that hails from Italy.”
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“I know I’m cheating a bit with this two-for-one deal, but you really can’t try one without the other — think of this duo as the Thelma and Louise of foundation. When used in tandem, they create a streak-free, dewy-looking base.”
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“This gentle toning lotion is my new Parisian must-have. Madame Ciocco herself introduced me to the miracle formula that weightlessly hydrates and balances combination skin in just a few swipes. Post-Fashion Month, it helped me look like I actually slept overseas.”
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