Wide Calves? Thin Calves? This Boot Brand Has Everyone Covered

We’ve covered wide-calf boots before. And, average-calf gals? The boot world is your oyster. But, skinny-calf women tend to feel abandoned, having to stuff their boots with jeans and wool socks to prevent the dreaded sag. Well, no more! Thick or thin, athletic or soft, curvy or stick-straight (and averages, too) — whatever your calves, Duo Boots has something that fits your legs.
While its bread and butter might be the boot business (21 different calf widths!), Duo also offers a huge selection of ankle boots, heels, and flats in three different widths for sizes 5 to 11. So, to prevent you from falling into Goldilocks Syndrome (too big, too small, etc.), we spoke with Duo’s head of design, Jem McNulty, to find out exactly what you need to know to get your "just right"!
What is the best advice you can give to someone who is measuring themselves for boots?
"For first-time DUO shoppers, I would suggest going to the DUO website for full instructions on how to best measure your calf size. This includes a video, which outlines exactly how to measure your calf — you can even print off a tape measure! It’s actually a very simple process; you only need to take one measurement around the widest part of your calf. A useful tip is to think about how you want to wear your boots. For example, if you plan to tuck in jeans, you could go for the calf size up, but if you are going for a dressy, suede style, you would stick with your exact measurement, as with suede there will be more give than with leather."
How do you know what type of width your foot is?
"Getting the right foot width for DUO shoes or ankle boots requires just one quick measurement around the widest part of your foot. You can see exactly how to do it on the website. Then you choose between a narrow, standard or wide fit."
What are the best boots if you have wide calves but have either thick ankles or thin ankles?
"We design a range of styles with different ankle widths to suit every leg shape, but if you have particularly wide or slim ankles, you can refer to the fit-notes section on the DUO website. For wider ankles, pick a straight-cut boot, and for narrow ankles, select a boot with a slim cut. [Some good options for] wide calves and wide ankles: Amora, Beaumont, Duke, Walton, Santana, and Brindisi. [Some good options for] wide calves and narrow ankles: Bay, Beech, Cazale, Hartman, Farrah, and Bach."
What are the most popular boot styles for thin calves and for thick calves?
"Because DUO offers 21 different calf sizes, each boot can be tailored to any fit, no matter the calf shape. If you would like expert advice on selecting DUO’s tailored footwear, the 'styled to suit you' video on the DUO website is the best way to select the perfect style for your body type."
Some people balk at the price — what makes DUO worth the higher cost?
"DUO makes tailored footwear an affordable luxury. The sizing and choice options that we offer are unique, and we use top-grade Italian leather to get an exceptional quality that will last. DUO also offers a range of prices with shorter styles starting at $180 and classic tall boots for $260. Once you own a pair of DUO boots, you will feel and see the difference — tailored fit will become your new standard!"
What trends can we hope to see in the future?
"Each season, our designs are inspired by trends and modern classics to create collections filled with investment pieces. We already have plenty of exciting designs in the pipeline for AW14! Right now, you could take a look at the new DUO limited-edition party collection, featuring beautiful baroque prints and a vibrant pink, gold, and black color palette. Also, our pre-spring 2014 collection is launching at the end of November, which includes must-have androgynous styles in bright, lipstick-red leathers and classic contrast sole boots."

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