We've Cracked The Code On How Celebrities Make Leggings Look So Good

If anyone has the "how to wear leggings to the airport" look down, it's celebrities. Black leggings and a cap? Every Victoria Secret model's go-to jet set look. High waisted leggings and an oversized sweater? Welcome to every pop-stars' in-flight attire for the last five years. There's a reason celebs become mere mortals when traveling, a good leggings outfit is damn comfortable, whether you have a personal stylist or not.
JFK and LAX are basically athleisure runways when celebs are flying into town. When we wear our leggings and sweater combo for a 6 a.m. flight, we look like we just rolled out of bed, and we want to figure out why when they do they same they look extremely "luxe." And guess what, it's nothing groundbreaking or expensive! It's little things like swapping a sweatshirt for a bomber jacket, or opting for leather leggings over cotton.
For a few lessons in how to take your airport ensemble from backup PJs, to fresh and clean, click through your fav celebs. You're now free to move about the cabin in style.
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The "Throw On a Bomber and Go" Look
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The lowkey must-have for traveling? A hat. This well-known trick will help to keep that unkempt "I just woke up" hair at bay.
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Take a page from Taylor Hill and introduce some texture into your outfit. Where she opted for a furry bomber, any unexpected material will give the ensemble a leg up.
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Here's an easy swap! Classic legging, meet classic legging with a stir-up.
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The Oversized Coat Look
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An oversized statement coat can help pull together a more toned down.
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Did somebody call for stretchy leggings? Comfort is key when you're spending hours in a 2 foot by 2 foot plane chair.
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These chunky boots will help you get from security check to your gate with comfort and ease, while still providing you with a bit of height.
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The Easy Leggings And A Hoodie Look
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Everything about Ashley Graham's travel style speaks to us on a personal level. A cropped hoodie is something we're already packing for our next trip.
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Give your everyday black leggings a rest by swapping in something with a little more color, like this super-versatile blue pair.
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You can never go wrong with a simple sneaker.
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The Dressy Athleisure Look
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Gigi Hadid uses a simple white coat to amp up her athleisure style. One with structured shoulders and a cinched waist will give the look a dressier vibe.
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Don't be afraid to gravitate towards more sporty looking leggings à la Gigi. A racing stripe perfectly toes the line between workout-ready, and everyday-appropriate.
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If running through the airport in heels is not your forte, pack these in your carry-on and change into them post-flight. You'll instantly be ready for a day of hitting the town, all without having to stop by your hotel.
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The "Are Those Leggings? Or Real Pants?" Look
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A crisp, white sweater, automatically makes your leggings outfit clean and refined.
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If you want to appear a little more refined, but still comfy, follow Selena Gomez ' example with a pair of leather leggings. They're the closest thing to "real pants" you can get with this trend.
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A good carry-all is a traveler's best friend.
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The Basic Cropped Leggings Look
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Karlie Kloss' take on the leggings outfit is best described as "classic." She keeps her lines clean with a pair of cropped leggings, a tunic, and a tailored coat.
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Instead of a pair of normal black leggings, take a bolder step with a velvet pair. They'll feel just as soft on the exterior as they do on the interior.
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