We Found The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad

In popular culture, dads are too often given the short end of the character-development stick. They watch TV, ride a lawnmower, cook meat (and the occasional zucchini) on the grill, and otherwise fit into a heteronormative mold of singular masculinity, a made-up ideal of what being a dad "should" look like. Screw that!
Just like each and every grain of sand is totally unique, so is every dad on God's green earth. A dad is a person, first and foremost, not just an actor in a sitcom who makes really lame jokes. Dads have different interests. They have different jobs, different hobbies, different lifestyles — you know, there isn't just one type of dad stuff.
So this Father's Day, don't just buy your dad whatever the best-selling men's fragrance of the moment might be. Buy him a scent he'll really like; something that speaks to him on a personal level as an individual, to his love of sailing or his heritage or the fact that he owns the entire James Bond movie franchise on DVD and Blu-Ray. Six very different fragrances for six very different types of dad, ahead...

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