37 Minor TV Characters Who Made The Show That Much Better

One of the joys of being a TV fanatic is truly, obsessively knowing a show like the back of your hand — you know, that moment when someone across the room says, "That's a business relationship!" and you look over, lock eyes, and understand immediately that you both are thinking of that 30 Rock episode guest-starring James Franco. While regular, casual viewers may be delighting in the goings-on of main characters, you (a superior person with perhaps a slightly less active social life) are on another level entirely. You get your kicks from the sideshows, the inside jokes, and the minor characters whose presences are both unnecessary but oh-so worth it.
This is an ode to you, lovers of minor characters — not to mention a helpful reference pamphlet for the next person who claims to be "obsessed" with one of your favorite shows but, upon interrogation, doesn't even know Gunther's last name. (Trick question! No one knows his last name! But, you should at least know that, right?)

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