Turns Out Rosewater Is Also Pretty Boss For Your Hair

If you're reading this site, you're probably already intimately familiar with all of the ways rosewater is a total powerhouse for your skin. We kind of can't shut up about it. Can you blame us? It's natural, gentle, and it can be used in so many beneficial ways, from helping to create a dewy skin finish to toning without stripping your skin.

Well, our reasons for being the founding members of the We Heart Rosewater fan club just got a lot more plentiful thanks to the discovery of this hair mist from master colorist Christophe Robin. Yup, that's right — turns out rosewater is damn good for your strands, too.

The spray is meant to naturally volumize and soften hair and protect your hair color from oxidizing, thanks to a blend of three rose extracts: rosehip seed oil, steam-distilled rosa centifolia water (made from the petals of the Provence Rose), and rosa gallaca glycerin extract. The spray also uses a plant polymer extracted from baobab leaves, which the brand says acts like hyaluronic acid for your hair, drawing moisture to the hair follicle to soften and smooth.

"Rosewater does the same for the hair and scalp as it does for the skin," explains Robin, "working to give hair softness and volume as well as to remove the calcium contained in the tap water from your bath. Rosewater also helps to remove any residue and prevents color from oxidizing."

So, why can't you just spray your good 'ol Heritage Products Rose Water & Glycerin Spray on your head? Robin says you totally can — just don't expect to get the volumizing effects. The rosewater will give you the refreshing aroma and softening, but it's that baobab leaf in his spray that adds covetable volume and light hold.

Speaking of volume, Robin has a few tips on how to get the most out the spray. You can use it as a pre-styling treatment on wet hair, he says, to add hydration to the scalp and your mane, and then follow with your usual stylers. Or, you can use it as a second-day style refresher for if you don't have time to wash or if you want to reinvigorate your curls or waves.

Robin says to start out by using your fingers to gently rub your scalp. "Rubbing the scalp massages the hair follicle and allows the rosewater to absorb better," he explains. After you've massaged your follicles to your heart's content, spritz the product all over the head to create a natural hold at the roots, says Robin, resulting in "major volume and a long-lasting style." Robin adds that you can also spray the product in first and then massage if that's your preference — you get the same effect either way.

Another good reason to feel good about this spray? Unlike many other volumizing sprays, which feature alcohol as the main ingredient, it won't dry out hair. "Our mist is totally natural — composed of 96% rosewater — so it soothes the scalp to prevent itchiness and dryness that can often occur after coloring," he notes. Just more proof that rosewater really is the superstar of the beauty world — sorry, coconut oil.

Christophe Robin Instant Volumizing Mist With Rose Water, $43, available at Beautyhabit.

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