The Amazing Skin Secret We're Hooked On

Backstage at the most recent Seoul Fashion Week, I saw everything from bejeweled lips to polka-dotted faces. But, the most consistent look was a toned-down version of dewy skin. A few years back, the trend in Korea was a full-on glossy face: Skin looked shiny and almost wet. Based on what I saw on the runway, I’m happy to see we’ve managed to dial “full gloss” back a few notches to a more natural “semi-matte.” The “lit-from-within” face halo isn’t exclusive to Korea, but the techniques used to manufacture this look are completely different from those stateside.

According to SK-II Korea’s “Skin Personal Training” manual, glowing skin has an even tone, smooth texture, elasticity, is free of wrinkles, and finally, radiates with light from within. It’s about good skin, and good skin isn’t easy to fake.

The quest for glowing skin is paved with hydration, dedication to skin care, and a healthy lifestyle. But, recreating a healthy halo of hydration demands technique. Newly launched Korean makeup brand Son&Park was behind the makeup looks for two of Seoul Fashion Week’s hottest shows, pushBUTTON and Suecomma Bonnie. I sat down with its cofounder and creative director, Taeyun Park, to get some tips on different methods used to achieve semi-matte.

Ahead, learn how you can get a semi-matte look that says “healthy,” rather than “I just bathed in a tub of Vaseline.” 

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