Cooking For Dummies: This New Service Makes Anyone A Gourmet Chef

There's nothing more satisfying than whipping up an expertly cooked meal, consequently impressing the socks off your dinner guests. But, with the busy lives we lead, just clicking "order" on Seamless can be a struggle, not to mention following a tricky recipe and, you know, grocery shopping. But now, just in time for those romantic V-Day meals, there's a new cooking sheriff in town.
Chefday is a Brooklyn-based delivery service that brings fresh, pre-measured ingredients right to your door, complete with step-by-step instructions and a recipe in video tutorial form. The company works closely with tons of expert chefs from NYC to create totally delicious ecipes so you can fake it 'til you make it — we're talking dishes like green bean vermicelli, shrimp risotto, and asparagus-stuffed salmon. These delectables are so foolproof, even your pizza-rolls-and-mac-n-cheese cooking boyfriend will be able to treat you to a four-star meal — at least, here's hoping, right?
Photo: Courtesy of Chefday

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