So, We Just Found All Your Summer Shoes, All Under $50

We're pretty much halfway through summer, and I have to admit that I'm wearing sneakers as I write this. That's right, I'm coming clean — I'm a fashion editor, and I didn't buy a pair of sandals for summer '16.

The main problem? Most sandal trends, save for a few classic styles, start to feel outdated after about one year, whereas sneakers and boots come in versions that inherently withstand the test of time (when has a black bootie ever not been in style?). Plus, sandals are generally much less sturdy than a sneaker or a boot, and they don't usually look cool at all when they're beat up. All of these points together make me feel like I must choose a new pair of sandals very, very wisely...if at all.

So year after year, I find myself stuck in a conundrum: I don't want to spend lots of money to buy new sandals or summer shoes that I'll wear for only one season (or possibly two, tops, if I'm lucky), but I want in on the new trends.

I was ready to just forego open-toed anything this summer when I stumbled across a hidden sandal haven last week — the shoe section at one of my favorite affordable shops, Charles & Keith. As I browsed through all the steppers available on the brand's site, a few things happened: One, I noticed myself saying "want" aloud to the computer screen. Two, I realized that all my "wants" were, astoundingly, under $50. That doesn't happen. Ever. So this summer I'm changing my tune and buying a pair, or maybe even two or three. The under-$50 price tag mixed with really solid design is just something I can't pass up.

Take a look at the slideshow ahead, and put your best foot forward for the rest of this summer, guilt-free.
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A riff on camping sandals, these have leather and studded accents that make them a super-cool option for all of your summer looks.

Charles & Keith Studded Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Yes, you'll still need a closed-toe option for summer. This clean, sophisticated low heel is a solid choice for both work and weekends.

Charles & Keith Slingback Pumps, $39, available at Charles & Keith.
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I can't believe these are $49.

Charles & Keith Rope-Tie Heel Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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The red rope makes for a super-cool style that'll look just as good with a tee and jeans as it does with your favorite summer dress.

Charles & Keith Rope Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Pom-poms lining your heels are a great way to subtly spice up an outfit.

Charles & Keith Pom-Pom Platform Heels, $59, available at Charles & Keith.
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A sporty sandal is the next most practical thing after a pair of sneakers. The lace-up ankle adds that extra on-trend touch.

Charles & Keith Lace-Up Hugly Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Here's what happens when clog meets mule. The wedge means they're super-comfortable, too.

Charles & Keith Platform Mules, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Sometimes you just need a simple flatform white sandal. (They come in black, too.)

Charles & Keith Ankle Strap Platforms, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Obsessed with the rope-ankle-wrap detail.

Charles & Keith Ankle-Wrap Rope Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Change up your white sneaker game with a pair that slips on. They'll also show off that cool pair of mesh socks better than any of your other shoes.

Charles & Keith Mule Sneakers, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Okay, fine, there's no hiding that these are closed-toe. But they're an amazing pair of flats when you're in transit. Throw 'em into your bag as soon as you waltz into the office, and swap 'em for another pair of Charles & Keith kicks.

Charles & Keith Glove Pumps, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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This is the black platform for all your summer events.

Charles & Keith Block Heel Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Jewelry for your feet.

Charles & Keith Tubular Chain Flatform Sandals, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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Buying these now: a sleek take on the slide sandal. The color doesn't hurt, either.

Charles & Keith Asymmetric Sliders, $49, available at Charles & Keith.
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The pom-poms add excitement when they're in the front, too. A closet must-have for summer and spring (oh, and fall, as well).

Charles & Keith Pom-Pom Mary Jane Pumps, $49, available at Charles & Keith.

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