7 Platinum Jewels That Are Truly Timeless

Kaleidoscopic gemstones, in-your-face bling, and gaudy accessories are fun to try on, but when it comes to true investment pieces, our jewelry game errs on the side of minimal. After all, if we're going to drop major dinero on precious jewels, we better be able to wear 'em regardless of the occasion or style phase we're going through. That's why when we get serious about a timeless jewelry buy, we tend to have tunnel vision for pieces with one key attribute: platinum.

The lustrous metal boasts a supremely luxe reputation, likely because of its commanding presence in the engagement-ring market. But this go around, we hunted down a wide assortment of items with the uncanny ability to overhaul our sometimes-lackluster jewelry boxes — for good. From cat-claw earrings to handwoven chain necklaces, these minimal treasures pack an edgy punch that makes them all the more interesting. And suddenly, going platinum has a whole new meaning.
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A splash of bling helps set this stackable ring apart from your other small jewels.
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This handwoven hammered chain is the ultimate investment piece. From the expert craftsmanship to the subtle glean, it'll give you years of wear.
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Cat-claw diamond-and-platinum baguettes are for those who like their bling understated.
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A durable rope band and barbed-wire accent offer an unexpected edge.
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If you're in the market for a real splurge, step up your choker game with this super-luxe, diamond-encrusted arrow number.
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Geometric bar-drop earrings bring the minimal and modern together in perfect harmony.
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A texturized finish keeps this minimal band from falling flat.

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