12 Smart Desk Essentials Your Workspace Needs

The beginning of a year calls for ambitious new plans. We can't think of a better way to start things right than giving our workspace a fresh, new look. After all, it's where we spend an average of 90,000 hours of our lifetime.
A neat and well-accessorized cubicle can win you a lot more than compliments. According to a survey by Adecco, over half of the American working population judges colleagues by how their desks look. In other words, having an organized environment and owning smart office supplies don't just make you feel good, they make you look mighty competent, too. From colorful stationery to mini vacuums, we've rounded up all the essential tools to make your space stick out in the best way possible. Go get 'em, tiger!
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We lose an average of 10 minutes per day looking for misplaced items. Save your future self some headache with this cork organizer.
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This compact paper shredder functions on a windup mechanism — perfect for confidential bits and pieces you don't want to bring to the printing room.
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The colleague with a stapler is everyone's best friend. Be that person with this modern piece — just remember to ask for it back.
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Those cookie crumbs from your snack break can be tough to get rid of. This mushroom-shaped mini vacuum will fare much better than paper towels.
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Your unopened mail has a bright, glossy new home.
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Succulents are not the only plants suitable for in-office display: DIY your own miniature ecosystem with this terrarium kit. The greenery is soothing to your eyes, while the lightbulb symbolizes the many aha! moments to come.
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Yellow pencils are so basic.
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These sleek little guys are perfect for housing all your knickknacks — from paper clips to business cards.
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Cuteness aside, these tiny highlighters support a good cause: For every item purchased, a Yoobi product will be donated to an American schoolchild in need.
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This will, with any luck, inspire you to write up that proposal, stat.
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Don't want the boss to catch you looking down on your phone? This charging station is a great disguise: Just steal a glance when a new notification comes in.
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You'll be much more motivated to check things off your to-do lists with these beautifully crafted notebooks.

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