Tap Into Your Creative Side This Year With These 10 Gadgets

If only we could go back to our elementary school days. Along with nap time and recess, we had scheduled parts of every day devoted to creativity, whether that meant sculpting butterflies from Play-Doh or drawing dragons with Crayons. Sadly, unless you're a full-time artist or writer, those days probably feel like a distant dream.

Even though getting older comes with more control over how you spend your time, the demands of work, everyday errands (laundry, grocery shopping, yada, yada, yada), and personal relationships leave little time to indulge your inner creative genius.

Luckily, just as our phones and gadgets have opened up new and easier methods of communicating, they're also offering up tools for cultivating your creativity. Ahead, 10 gadgets that will let you unleash your inner artist, if only for a few moments each day.
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These pens aren't the colorful Pilot ballpoints you used in middle school: They're 3D printing pens. Start drawing, and the heated plastic emitted from the pen's tip instantly forms a 3D sculpture. Draw inspiration from other creators and make everything from a vase to a candle holder.

3Doodler Create, $99, available at 3Doodler.
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Google's Live Cases let you customize your own phone case, using works from famed contemporary artists and designers including Jen Stark, Gray Malin, and Opening Ceremony. Start by choosing your phone type (only Pixel and Nexus phones are available for now) and picking an artist's design. From there, you can zoom in on the design and position it however you like. You'll also have access to additional works by the artist you've chosen that you can use as your phone's background.

Opening Ceremony Google Artworks Live Case, $40, available at Google.
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Want to design your own case from scratch? This blank case and the included acrylic paints let you do just that.

Kikkerland Design Paint Your Own iPhone Case, $12, available at MoMA.
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These headphones from Denmark-based audio company Aiaiai look like your standard over-ear buds, but they come with a very cool catch: You choose each part and assemble the customized headphones on your own. When you order, you can pick the headband, speakers, earpads, and cable that suit you best. Then, when each part arrives, follow the instructions to easily assemble your pair.

Aiaiai TMA-2, starting at $145, available at Aiaiai.
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Change your perspective and take more detailed photos simply by attaching these lenses to your iPhone camera. Included in this set are Fisheye, Super-Wide, and Macro 15x.

Olloclip iPhone 7 Core Lens Set, $99.99, available at Olloclip.
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Make nighttime photos far brighter by introducing light painting. The technique looks advanced, but is easy to pull off with this LED strip. Take a long exposure photo and have a friend use the strip to create trippy patterns or glowing words and symbols.

Lomography Power Practical Luminoodle, $39.99, available at Lomography.
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This week's New Yorker cover was designed on an iPad Pro, proving that the tablet makes a worthy canvas. And yes, there are apps that can help. Use Procreate 3 to sketch your next tattoo design, iStopMotion to create claymation scenes, or Pigment to color away your tensions at the end of a long day.

Apple 9.7-inch iPad Pro, starting at $599, available at Apple.
Apple Pencil for iPad Pro, $99, available at Apple.
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If you still prefer to sketch on paper rather than screen, opt for Wacom's Smartpad. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone, so whatever you sketch on paper can instantly be digitized. Plus, you can add color and edit what you've already created via the accompanying app.

Wacom Bamboo Slate Smartpad, $109.99, available at B&H Photo Video.
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For Microsoft Surface users, the Dial is a must. The small device, which looks more like a hockey puck than it does a gadget, can be used as an on-screen palette. Just turn the dial to choose your color or switch drawing tools.

Microsoft Surface Dial, $99.99, available at Microsoft.
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Orange and green are said to increase creativity, so why not surround yourself with those hues? Do so in limited doses with this Philips lightbulb. You can change the color using an app.

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Add-on Smart LED Light Bulb, $44.99, available at Best Buy.
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