Why Wearing A Belt When You Don't Need One Always Looks So Good

In many cases, fashion that's totally frivolous is more annoying than awesome. After all, clothes are meant to clothe, and when the pursuit of style gets in the way of your pursuit of, say, being able to walk up stairs, that starts to be a problem.

But there are other times when frivolous fashion can be a joyful, fun, dessert-before-dinner moment. Sure, you might not need it, but when have the funnest moments in your life been borne out of necessity? In this case, we're talking about wearing a belt when you don't exactly need one to hold your pants up. In fact, wearing one when you don't need one sometimes makes for the best kind of look. Sure, you might not even have belt loops on your clothes or a need to safeguard against a sagging waist, but a belt can do a lot more than just cinch. Take a look through the slideshow to see six examples of a belt worn wrong (but so, so right).

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