The Small Change In Your Layering Order That Makes Coat Season Much Less Annoying

The weather is starting to turn, which makes it that much more difficult to stomach the whole jacket-on-jacket-off ordeal. Because, it's never as simple as just putting on your jacket. Maybe a sleeve flipped inside-out, and you can't worm your arm in correctly; or you have to sideways shuffle out of a restaurant while carrying your coat over your head so it doesn't drag through someone's food. Yes, the indignities of jacket-wearing are many. But none is so tiresome this time of year as constantly getting your bag strap caught on your hood and not being able to take off your coat nor your purse. For that, at least, we've got a solution.

Wear your bag under your jacket. Just do it — it's fine, really! It's warm enough to wear your jacket open these days, and letting just the front of your bag peek through is a styling move that feels sort of advanced, as far as winter dressing goes. Plenty of fashion people were doing it throughout NYFW when jacket removal is an hourly annoyance. Click through to see how good it can look, and vow to put on your purse first until it's warm enough to leave your jackets at home again.
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A little pink bag looks great against an all-black outfit.
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A long-length jacket keeps its shape over a slim crossbody bag.
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This cropped jacket is short enough to just miss the top of this silver bag.
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We're into how a delicate waist-level bag looks with a heavy-duty shearling.
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A small crossbody works perfectly with bulkier, shawl-front jackets.
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How good does this YSL leopard tote look with a quilted army-green puffer?
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A bigger bag should extend just south of a jacket.
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For extra camo, match the bag to your outfit and choose a coat in a wild color.

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