An Out-Of-Towner's Favorite NYC 'Hood

Kate_Space_Header_Anna-1Photographed by Isa Wipfli
Now what exactly would cause an otherwise sensible — and, in this case, tall and fashionable — young woman to leave the constant balm of Miami behind for Chicago's broiling summers and blinding winters, we may never know. Granted, in the case of former finance analyst Anna Jane Wisniewski, money played a part. But it couldn't have played that big a part. After all, she dropped out of the corporate world into fashion and is now not only the director of sales for Chicago's Trunk Club, but the writer and stylist behind the beloved blog See Jane.
001_IMG_2822Photographed by Isa Wipfli
Well, maybe it was her sense of adventure that had her heading up our way. After all, she's a constant traveler. So much so that she offered us Chicagoans a customized tour of her favorite NYC neighborhood — the Meatpacking District. So, on a day when the last moments of summer (and a little bit of rain) hung in the air, she showed us what she loves about MePo (as they call it) and why she's in love with her city on the side, NYC. Actually, she had such a good time skipping around with her kate spade new york tote, we got worried that she might leave us for good! Say it ain't so, Jane!
Styled by Haley Loewenthal; Hair and Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci.
003_IMG_3056-EditPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
"Whenever I'm in town — which is pretty often — I love to get lost in New York, and, for me, the Meatpacking District might be the best place for that. There's just so many stores to explore and so many great places to grab a bite. Since it’s such a trendy area, it’s great to just walk around, soak in all the people-watching, and pop into any designer store that crosses my path."
002_IMG_3130-EditPhotographed by Isa Wipfli
"One of my favorite things to do here is catch a coffee outside of The Dream Hotel. To me, it's like a modern oasis in the middle of the Meatpacking District. I like the juxtaposition of its stark, modern facade (and round, porthole windows) against the old-school cobblestone streets."
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004_IMG_3711-EditPhotographed by Isa Wipfli
"I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration, and city life is the perfect place to gather ideas. The architecture, the building facades and storefronts, and, of course, the street style down here all inspire me! Fair warning, though — the cobblestone streets may not be the best place in the world for high heels. I’ve definitely bit it while crossing the front of a crowd!"
005_IMG_3875-EditPhotographed by Isa Wipfli
"When I'm traipsing around down here, I need a chic, chic bag that has lots of space and extra pockets! Sometimes I need a special space for my phone or else I’ll lose it every 10 minutes; I love that this one has a few front compartments for things like that — that, and a frankly amazing color!"
006_IMG_3814-EditPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
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"One of the things I love most about this area is the High Line. It's such a great respite from the city. It’s lush, scenic — a great escape from the concrete jungle. After a walk up here, I'll hit the Biergarten at The Standard hotel. It's this amazing open space right under the High Line. It’s easy (almost too easy) to pop downstairs for a frosty pint. The crowd is young and vibrant, and it feels an awful lot like Oktoberfest in there (yes, I went in college)."
008_IMG_3241Photographed by Isa Wipfli
“As for my other treasures around the neighborhood, I love The Copper Room. It’s a charming bar hidden away from all the among super-trendy restaurants and clubs. It’s great to duck in for a drink after shopping. I’ve always wanted to try Del Posto. It looks like the perfect, romantic (and delicious) spot, and it’s been on my list for a while! Oh, and how could I forget Pastis. I could eat their pommes frites every single day!”
009_IMG_3183-EditPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
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