The Makeup Line We've Been Obsessing About Forever Is Finally Here

Ever since we first heard that & Other Stories was bringing its beauty line to the U.S., we've been in veritable fits of rapture. Sure, the clothes are pretty fantastic, but (being beauty editors) it was the beauty line that made us giddy. When visiting the stores in Europe (pre-U.S. debut), the massive, budget-friendly, high-quality skin and makeup drew both our eyes and our wallets.

While we were stoked when the body and skin-care offerings hit shelves last winter, we were a bit bummed to see that the makeup products hadn't made the trans-Atlantic leap. According to the brand, the product labeling on the makeup had to be updated to fit FDA regulations, hence the delay.

Well now, almost a year later, we're finally getting our wish. The makeup has landed, and it is glorious. The catch? It's a bit difficult to actually get your hot little hands on it. & Other Stories doesn't approach beauty quite like any other brand. It curates what it calls stories, which include many limited-edition collections. Some of these products are blink-and-you'll-miss-it scenarios. Even those that are considered more permanent in the line are still hard to track down. Many may be available in the brand's Soho store one day and sold out the next, and the website can be even more mercurial with items sometimes disappearing or selling out within hours.

Even more frustrating is that the collection itself is coming in piecemeal, with some shades and products on counter now, and others rolling in later this year or early next, and no set arrival date or info on which will be making it stateside.

And yet, we don't care about the struggle. In fact, we embrace the challenge. The products themselves are so phenomenal that the hunt for them can be exhilarating (or heartbreaking, if you somehow miss the shade you're after: Adieu, Caliper Sky — we barely knew thee). In the end, dedication will pay off — these are the real deal.

So what makes these so unique? Not only are the formulas superior to most budget makeup, but the color selection is mind-blowing. The brand has two ateliers, one in Paris and one in Stockholm. The beauty and fashion teams conceptualize the products and colors together. Some colors mimic shades that appear in the clothing collections, while others are created to be complementary to the fashion or for their versatility. And if you come to the brand for fashion, you'll probably be equally enticed by the cosmetics.

Ahead, we've highlighted some of our favorite products now available in the U.S. It bears repeating that some of these might say "sold out" when you click on them, but if something catches your eye, it's worth checking back continually for a restock. If you want a sneak peek of what the whole line looks like (and what we might see hitting shelves in the States in the near future), check the brand's international sites. Just don't blame us if you fall hard and fast for, well, everything.

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