These Are The Most Instagramable Workouts In NYC

We do a lot of things "for the 'gram," like eat avocado toast, attend rooftop parties, and even go to workout classes. Sure, there are lots of reasons to exercise besides just getting content for your Instagram page. But there are so many trendy, aesthetically-pleasing workout studios in New York City, that if you don't snap a photo and share it with your friends you miss out on some truly quality content.

Instagram, for many, is a crowdsourcing tool that helps one find suggestions of cool places to discover. It is not weird if you make a mental note to visit places that you saw on someone's Instagram — unless you go all Ingrid Goes West and try to mimic their life, which is unlikely to be well-received.

Ahead are some of the most Instagramable boutique workouts in New York City. Some of them are known for their actual workouts, while others are popular because of their pretty spaces and amenities. Chances are you've seen someone post a photo of these studios and thought, I want to go to there. Check out these studios for your next workout and be sure to snap your own gym selfie while you're at it — you know, for the 'gram.

305 Fitness

The workout: Fast-paced cardio dance.

Why it's popular: Even if you can't dance to save your life, you'll be able to pick up these hip-hop routines flawlessly. A live DJ spins the music during class, and there's a mural of pouty lips on the wall that makes for the perfect 'gram background. And you know you want a video of yourself slaying the combo at the end of class.
Sky Ting Yoga

The workout: A signature mix of Katonah, Taoist, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga that incorporates breathing and meditation.

Why it's popular: There are comfy reading nooks in the sunny studios that are just begging to be photographed. People love the down-to-earth teachers, and they provide mats for you, which is a plus, too.
Studio B

The workout: The curated classes vary from yoga to HIIT, and are taught by a rotating crew of fitness experts.

Why it's popular: The studio is above the athleisure store, Bandier, and overlooks Fifth Avenue. Studio B is a hot-spot for buzzy trainers, like Akin Akman of Akin's Army, and there are murals on the wall that are great for a post-class group photo op.
Y7 Studio

The workout: Hot, candlelit Vinyasa yoga set to hip-hop music.

Why it's popular: The vibe at Y7 is welcoming and chill, unlike some stuffier studios in the city. They say it's the "original hip-hop yoga studio," and there are rap lyrics posted on the walls. Also, you pretty much can't enter the studio unless you Instagram the steps, which are printed with A$AP Ferg and Drake lyrics.
PROJECT by Equinox

The workout: PROJECT is a shared space for top trainers to host their signature workout, so each class is totally different.

Why it's popular: You get to interact with the best of the best in the fitness world, a.k.a. all the trainers you follow on Instagram. In the studio, there are color-shifting lights that make the atmosphere next-level cool. In other words: it's lit.
The Class by Taryn Toomey

The workout: A mix of repetitive calisthenics and plyometric exercises with an emphasis on mind-body connection.

Why it's popular: The Class is one of those workouts that you have to try to be able to understand because it's somewhat mysterious. Some people say it's a little bit cult-like, but fans of The Class are very close-knit and active on social media.
Rumble Boxing

The workout: A vigorous combination of HIIT, strength-training, and boxing.

Why it's popular: At Rumble, you use special, teardrop-shaped "Aqua training bags" that don't look or feel like traditional punching bags. There are murals on the walls of Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra boxing, so it's just a matter of choosing the right Jay-Z lyric to caption your photo.

The workout: SLT stands for "strengthen, lengthen, tone," and involves a series of total-body exercises performed on a "Megareformer," which is like a Pilates reformer, only more intense.

Why it's popular: Megareformers look like torture devices, but once you get the hang of it, using one is very rewarding. There are tons of videos on Instagram of instructors masterfully using one of the machines, and it looks almost gymnastic.
New York Pilates

The workout: They use Pilates reformer machines for these classes.

Why it's popular: The classes take place in the spacious and serene studios, and the workout is surprisingly relaxing, too. There is a comfy waiting area and kombucha on-tap at the Bowery location, so it's pretty much made for Insta.
Pop Physique

The workout: A ballet-inspired barre class.

Why it's popular: This quirky barre studio is known for its pop art wallpaper, printed with cherries and bananas on the wall. Who knows? Gazing at the patterns while you pulse and crunch your way through class might make it less strenuous.
Solace NYC

The workout: There are seven different classes, including CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting.

Why it's popular: The CrossFit community is very tight on Instagram, and the space at Solace is a much chicer version of your usual CrossFit box. Post a photo of yourself picking up something heavy or doing a handstand because you're impressive as heck.

The workout: Indoor cycling timed to the rhythm of the music.

Why it's popular: SoulCycle is an entry-level course to boutique fitness. People are obsessed because the classes are energetic yet approachable, and fans claim it's spiritual. And there are tons of new locations all around the country, and the yellow wheel is almost as iconic as the golden arches at McDonald's.

The workout: Total-body strength training, HIIT, and boxing.

Why it's popular: Celebs, from Ashley Graham to Carole Radziwill, frequent this gym. Lifting weights is the name of the game at Dogpound, and there are impressive feats of strength all over their Instagram page.
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