Pixie Market Is So On Point Right Now

A few years ago, Pixie Market was a destination only quirky fashion girls knew. A tiny store in New York City's Lower East Side neighborhood, it was a place where you could find really cute clothes made by a bunch of fashion brands you'd never heard off. They also had a website, where it was even easier to impulse buy ruffle-y tops and $10 phone cases in the middle of the night.

These days, though, Pixie Market has a new image. Recently they've started designing a lot of its pieces in-house, and the result are clothes that are more refined and elevated than you probably remember. Think slightly Victorian-inspired silhouettes, with ruffled collars, puffed-up shoulders, and structured bodices. There are also polka dots, checked patterns, and the exact fall color palette of mustard yellows and burnt oranges you've been wishing for. Basically, whatever you've got going on, Pixie Market, it looks damn good.

Click on to check out our favorite Pixie Market pieces right now, it may even be a good time to start eyeing what you might want to scoop up when all of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales start rolling in...

Pixie Market Monrow Button Cardigan, $112.00 Buy
Pixie Market Kate Mustard Ruffled Sweater, $125.00 Buy
Pixie Market Scarf Neck White Shirt, $99.00 Buy
Pixie Market Peplum Parka Zip Jacket, $195.00 Buy
Pixie Market Plaid Valentina Puffy Sleeve Bustier Shirt, $112.00 Buy
Pixie Market New Roma Polka Dot Poplin Top, $102.00 Buy
Pixie Market Irina Polka Dot Button Dress, $149.00 Buy
Pixie Market Mustard Ribbed Knit Top, $84.00 Buy
Pixie Market Klara Polka Dot Button Blouse, $125.00 Buy
Pixie Market Tartine Button Puffy Sleeve Shirt, $98.00 Buy
Pixie Market Windowpane Smocked Balloon Sleeve Top, $92.00 Buy
Pixie Market Vie Grey Puffy Sleeve Ruched Top, $95.00 Buy
Pixie Market Chelsea Grey Plaid Button Blazer, $189.00 Buy
Pixie Market Taylor Black Puffy Sleeve Button Shirt, $109.00 Buy
Pixie Market Mercer Tank Blazer Dress, $142.00 Buy
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