A Guide To All The Layers Of Your Bed

Our well-being is largely dependent on the quality of sleep we get, so you can't exactly blame us for fussing over our bedding. From hunting down the best material for sheets to simple hacks to make the comfiest bed, we're constantly thinking about the secret to a great beauty rest.

However, having a perfect crib isn't just about thread count or a cushiony mattress. Remember the beds you see in fancy hotels or interior stores? Much of their cozy appearance comes from having the right styling — and the layers you don't get to see can make a big difference. Ahead, we're walking you through the anatomy of a well-made bed, layer by layer.

Mattress Cover

Also known as mattress protectors, this encasing shields your mattress from wear and tear and dust. Most of these covers are waterproof and provides protection from allergens and bed bugs, while others also include an extra layer for insulation.

John Lewis Mattress Protector, $13 to $27, available at John Lewis
Mattress Topper

This removable layer provides additional padding on top of your mattress to add extra comfort and support. Different materials are available on the market, depending on your needs and budget, from polyester to memory foam to feather filling. If you want a soft and fluffed up bed, consider investing in a pad about four inches thick.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Topper, $44.99, available at Wayfair
Fitted Sheet and Flat Sheet

Typically with elastics sewn in, the fitted sheet is the layer that sits between the sleeper and the mattress. The flat sheet is a plain fabric usually tucked under the duvet, to reduce the cleaning frequency for the duvet. However, the flat sheet can also be used as a bottom sheet to wrap around the mattress.

Christy Hotel Sheet Set, $94, available at Amara
Coverlet or Bedspread

A fancy term for a quilt, this is a lightweight layer that goes on top of your duvet cover when the bed is not in use, and is mostly used as a decorative touch.

Restoration Hardware Tate Velvet Channel Coverlet Collection, $69, available at Restoration Hardware
Bed Skirt

This layer of fabric covers up the base and frame of the bed, and particularly useful if you have storage solutions under your bed. This is typically made to match the colors of your duvet cover or headboard. Also commonly referred to as a valance.

Nautica Cotton Bed Skirt, $29.99 to $39.99, available at Nordtrom
Bed Runner

If you're feeling extra fancy, dress up the lower edge of your bed with a runner in a color that coordinates with your accent pillows. You can also use a throw for the same purpose.

Ebi Emporium Bed Runner, $17.70, available at Kess InHouse
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