YouTuber Jenn McAllister Finger-Painted With Us & Here's What Happened

Internet sensation Jenn McAllister is definitely used to doing odd stuff online. On her viral YouTube channel, which boasts over 3 million subscribers, she's undertaken some pretty astonishing experiments, like that time she casually tried the entire 7/11 menu (living the dream) or asked her Postmates delivery guy to give her a low-key makeover. But when R29 producer Lucie Fink met up with McAllister at 2017's VidCon, they kept the whimsical vibes flowing with this bizarre finger-painting challenge. Honestly, we think it's a good argument for keeping brushless creativity going beyond the 5th grade. Catch their full, drippy throw-down below — who knew these two were abstract art savants?

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When she's not grappling with the existential crisis of trying to depict the tooth fairy or sandcastle-building crabs with finger-painting, McAllister has been keeping busy. Since debuting her YouTube channel in 2009, she's penned a memoir, Really Professional Internet Person, and starred alongside Molly Ringwald in Bad Night. But we're keeping our (paint-stained) fingers crossed for an art tutorial or two as well — there's just no arguing with the strange allure of these drawings.

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