5 Head Wrap Lines Owned By Black Women

My name is Khalea and I have a really big head. (Hi, Khalea.) No, but really — it's huge. Because my noggin looks more like a little planet, I all but try to avoid wearing hats on bad hair days, sunny days — any days, honestly. Instead, I'll cover up with a printed head wrap. Not only am I hiding my undone hair and distracting everyone with an intricate front knot, but I also get to pay homage to my culture, too.

Another perk? Many of the sources behind the colorful wraps you see (just search #thewraplife, #headwrapslay, #headwrapgamestrong on social) come from Black-owned brands — some of which source their material straight from Africa. A chance to give my hair a break and support the motherland? Count me in. See some of the lines I love, ahead.

Photo: Via @thewraplife.
The Wrap Life

This Brooklyn-based brand, dreamt up by Nnenna Stella, doesn't just offer handy tutorials on its site. The brand also encourage its customers to share their own hacks, too. And boy, do they — #thewraplife has over 11,000 Instagram hashtags.

Check them out here.
Photo: @findingpaola.
Fanm Djanm

Recognize this face? Paola Mathé, a Haitian lifestyle blogger, often appears in our Short Cuts video series where she demonstrates how to tie wraps from her own brand, Fanm Djanm. The line, launched in 2014, was literally built with strong women in mind. Fanm Djanm translates to "strong woman" in Haitian Creole, and its Instagram account features muses of all ages.

Check them out here.

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Photo: Via @curlyroo.
Tess World Designs

Sometimes, Etsy shops don't offer the most authentic products. That isn't the case of Theresa Akabua's page (which boasts over 25k sales and counting). The designer was born in Ghana, and has an inherited eye for prints and fabrics. She even crafted her daughter's wedding gown!

Check them out here.
Photo: Via @yougonatural.
You Go Natural

Patience is a virtue that some haven't mastered (insert raised hand emoji here). If you're anything like me, you've probably spent one too many mornings fussing over how to properly knot and tuck your headscarf, even after watching a tutorial. YGN (started by Monique Little, a "Jersey girl just looking for easier ways to care for her hair") feels our pain, and offers pre-tied headwraps to cut back on all of the drama. Thank you.

Check them out here.
Photo: @royalhouseofwraps.
Royal Head Wraps

If you want to match with your little one (or that kid that you babysit for a few hours every Saturday), Royal Head Wraps – created by a mom of one, Natalie Taylor — has adorable baby wraps to adorn your mini-me.

Check them out here.
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