How To Make Your Home Look Exactly Like Hogwarts For The Holidays

Floating candles, caroling Suits of Armor, snowflakes falling from the enchanted ceiling — there's no place more magical than Hogwarts around the holidays. Even when we've long past the age of enrollment, there's a secret part of us still dreaming of experiencing the wizardry academy's winter festivities for ourselves.

While the Harry Potter theme parks of the world have been doing a pretty good job at recreating Christmastime spectacles from the movie, not everyone can make it to London, Orlando, or Osaka to experience these attractions firsthand. For those who won't be able to check out the extravaganza this year, making your home look like Hogwarts is the next best thing.

We've dissected the most iconic Christmas settings in the book and movies, and came up with an edit of decorating essentials that wouldn't look out of place in the common rooms. Click through for 14 ornaments, barware, and home accents every Potterhead needs for the holidays.

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
The Vibe: Hoggy Warty Hogwarts

This is classic Hogwarts at its best: The decorating palette gravitates towards warm colors and metallic tones, with collegiate accents. The crackling fireplace, glistening ornaments, and towering Christmas trees make us feel all giddy and cozy inside. Remind us again why Harry only spent four of his Christmas breaks at Hogwarts?
File this one under genius gift ideas: This sorting candle reveals your house colors after the top layer of vanilla wax has melted. The scents are also tailor-made to fit the personalities of the four houses.

Happy Piranha Magic Sorting Candle, $11.76, available at Etsy
Show your allegiance with these festive crest ornaments bearing the four house animals.

The Noble Collection Harry Potter's Hogwarts Tree Ornament, $55, available at Amazon
We've been obsessed with PBteen's Harry Potter collection ever since it came out in September, and this Gryffindor throw and glow-in-the-dark pillow are possibly our favorites from the line up.

Harry Potter For PBteen Marauder's Map Pillow, $49.50, available at PBteen
Throw these antique, leather bound books on your shelves to make your living room feel like a Hogwarts common room.

Kayjays Vintage Books Antique Old Books, $39.95, available at Etsy
Your guests can't say they haven't been warned.

Tykes and Dolls Welcome Mat, $30, available at Etsy
Every Potterhead worth one's galleon should have this Christmas ornament at home.

Houser House Creations Harry Potter Christmas Tree Ornament, $7, available at Etsy
Engaging in a game of wizard's chess after some eggnog sounds like the best Christmas Day activity ever.

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set, $48, available at ThinkGeek
The Vibe: Yule Ball Wonderland

Hogwarts' aesthetics took a very dramatic turn in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. the school was decked in all its wintry finery as an attempt to wow foreign students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. The icy centerpieces and snow-capped Christmas tree feels equally enchanting, though.
We can't think of a classier way to do a champagne toast.

Geeky Goods and Gifts Deathly Hallowed Champagne Flute, $12, available at Etsy
These vases look like oversized ornaments and couldn't be more on-theme for your very own Yule Ball.

Terrain Metallic Bauble Bud Vase, $8 - $18, available at Terrain
This adorable set of Patronus heads forever immortalizes James (the stag) and Lily Potter (the doe). We're getting emotional just thinking about this.

Missnessamonster Harry Potter Stag and Doe Patronus Wall Mounted Heads, $100, available at Etsy
Give your Christmas tree a frosted makeover with this ice drop garland.

Improvements Catalog Ice Drop Garland, $2.97, available at Improvements Catalog
Ikea has got you covered with a wintry centerpiece that looks even better with the light on.

Ikea VINTER 2017 LED decorative light, $9.99, available at Ikea
You can't go wrong with a snowy tree branch sitting in a tall glass vase.

A By Amara Snow Decorative Branch, $28, available at Amara
Nothing says "let it snow" more than a Christmas tree covered in silver frost. Monochromatic trees look pretty snazzy on Instagram, too.

Sass & Belle Silver Glitter Metal Christmas Tree And Wooden Base, $25.80, available at Trouva
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