These Will Be The Next NYC Eats To Go Viral On Instagram

We're always on the lookout for the latest food trends. Whether it's boozy holiday ice cream, over-the-top bagels, or rosé doughnuts, we know that the next big Instagram hit is often just a scroll away.

Since it can be tough to figure out which restaurant we want to try next, we turned to a professional eater and restaurant consultant for help. We asked Alexa Mehraban of @EatingNYC, to round up some of the next big New York City bites. Her ahead picks have either recently begun to pick up stream or she thinks they’ll be the latest menu items to get noticed. Ahead, find 14 soon-to-be viral foods and get a jump on trying (and Instagramming) them for yourself.

Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Drunk Guy Fries
Featuring guac, queso, and bacon, these dreamy fries don't even need ketchup.

Fry Guys, 150 East 2nd Street (between Avenue A and Avenue B); 917-319-7179.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Banana Split Sundae Twice Baked Croissant
Supermoon's croissant flavors are anything, but ordinary — and this clever mash-up doesn't disappoint.

Supermoon Bakehouse, 120 Rivington Street (between Essex and Norfolk).
produced by Christina Dun; edited by Christina Dun.
Watch this video for more insanely gorgeous Supermoon croissants.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Any Cereal & Ice Cream Creation
Cereal lovers already snack on the breakfast food for dessert — Milk & Cream Cereal Bar just made it official.

Milk & Cream Cereal Bar, 159 Mott Street (between Broome and Grand).
Check out some more cereal ice cream combinations in this video.
Funfetti & Chip Cookie
These giant, doughy funfetti cookies from Chip will take you right back to childhood.

Chip NYC, 30-06 34th Street (between 33rd and 34th); 917-745-0101.
Lasagna For Two
Not your grandma's lasagna, this take happens to look especially good on camera.

Don Angie, 103 Greenwich Ave; 212-889-8884.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Vodka Pizza
If you love vodka sauce on pasta, you'll love it on pizza, too.

Old Rose, 113 Jane St (between West and Washington); 212-255-4143.
The Loyal's sundae set will make you feel like you're on the set of Willy Wonka.

The Loyal, 289 Bleecker Street (between Barrow and Jones); 212-488-5800.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Magic Noodles
You've probably already seen the videos of these hue-shifting noodles on Instagram, but this dish is even more magical in person.

Thaimee, 160 N 12th Street (between Bedford and Berry); 718-218-7500 x120.
Watch the noodles in action here.
Wag-Uni Nigiri
Wagu beef plus fresh uni is a nigiri match made in heaven.

Sushi on Jones, multiple locations.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Zucca Vodka
Fast casual pasta that doesn't taste fast or casual.

The Sosta, 186 Mott Street (between Kenmare and Broome); 212-988-9028.
produced by Christina Dun; edited by Christina Dun.
Check out more Insta-worthy pastas from The Sosta in this video.
Byggybeef Sandwich
This photo says it all.

BYGGYZ, 37-39 Clinton Street (between Stanton and Rivington).
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Cacio E Pepe Bun-Boloni
Aside form the clever name, cacio e pepe is delicious in all forms.

Raviolo, 57 7th Ave South; 917-675-6319.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
Cauliflower Shwarma Sandwich
Cauliflower continues to be one of 2017's trendiest ingredients so it's no surprise that this sandwich is a hit.

Taim, multiple locations.
Photo: Courtesy of @EatingNYC
American Cheeseburger With Egg & Bacon
This high-brow burger with all the (important) fixings is definitely worth trying (and 'gramming).

4 Charles Prime Rib, 4 Charles Street (between Greenwich and Waverly); 212-561-5992.
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