Don't Toss Your Tights If You've Ripped Through The Toe

Fresh out of the package, a quality pair of tights isn't typically perfect right off the bat. They're oftentimes too restricting, a little too shiny, and too short. But after a couple of wears and stretch-out sessions, they're perfect! Well, except for the fact that your big toe has broken free and ripped a hole through the foot of your tights. You can turn some tights around so the hole is on the other foot (and on the pinky-toe side — it's much less annoying that way!), but that doesn't always work. Before you declare defeat, try the sock method instead.

A black ankle or footie sock worn underneath your tights will prevent your toes from peeking through and giving you the awful free-toe willies. Of course, this works best when you're wearing shoes that hit above the sock line, but a thin pair of no-show socks could even make your tights compatible with ballet flats again. Watch above to see the trick in action.

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