How To Tie A Martial Arts-Style Belt For Fashion, Not Fighting

We know how silly it sounds when fashion publications say a particular trend was "all over the runways," but in this instance, we promise it's true. Thick fabric belts were everywhere this past fall, making appearance after repeat appearance from New York to London to Milan to Paris. They were tied loosely around vests, and cinched tightly around poplin dresses; they were looped around O-rings and J.Crew used them to top off a whole bunch of its skirts and pants. They were also familiar — these belts looked nearly identical to the ones you used to knot up in karate class. But, tie-er beware: The kind of double-wrap, criss-cross knot they taught you in class just looks bulky. It's also meant to stay put through vigorous activity. In real life, your clothes don't need to withstand you unleashing a drop-kick at a moment's notice.

There are many ways to tie a martial-arts-style belt fashionably, but like with most things in style, we like to keep it simple. And, this thing is really simple. The stiff fabric will stay put, but since our knot takes a fraction of a second to do, it's no big pain if you have to retie it once during the day. Watch the video above to see how it's done — osu! 

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