Rose Gold Hair Is Making A Big Comeback For Spring 2020

Colorist Kate Reid equates pink hair dye to the sparkly lip gloss many of us loved as teens. "They're both shiny, bright, and have that '90s pop," she says. While the glitter makeup of years past is relatively easy to find again, it's rose-tinted highlights and cotton-candy braids that are fully back in focus after New York Fashion Week.

As the Australia-based global design director for Kevin Murphy, Reid is an expert on fashion hair color and specializes in shades of pink, which is exactly why we tapped her for info on the latest shades and techniques.

What will the raddest versions of pink be for 2020? We've compiled Reid's predictions, plus more from other in-the-know colorists, for proof that pink hair is not only back, it's cheerier than ever.

To get this cool-toned pink, Reid combined two cream lighteners: an orange-tinged peach followed by an icy lilac.
Reid calls this shade "true rose" because it's essentially single-process pink applied from root to tip.
Blunt bangs, rose-dipped ends, and glossy shine create a trend trifecta.
Colorist Larisa Love recommends a root smudge to ease the transition between your natural color and the faux pink lift. Plus, it makes the whole thing look super modern.
If your goal is subtly, hair stylist Dora Perez shows how to achieve a blended rose-gold blonde balayage.
Looking for something brighter? You can never go wrong with a true bubblegum color.
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