8 Moon Journals That'll Help You Track Every Lunar Phase

Maybe you write in a bullet journal every day. Maybe you keep track of your workouts in a notebook. Maybe you have an old school diary, complete with an itty bitty lock to keep any intruders out of your business. But, if you're someone who reads multiple horoscopes every week and can name the current moon phase at a moment's notice, you're probably best off writing all your thoughts down in a moon journal.

In general, a moon journal is a structured type of diary that asks the user to write down their plans, moods, or daily tasks in the context of the moon's phase. Some may offer daily, weekly, or monthly queries or topics to inspire reflection, while others simply list the moon's daily movements and leave it up to you to infer its meaning. After all, it's believed that every lunar phase has a different effect on our emotional state — keeping that in mind while venting about your day may prove helpful in understanding your feelings.


With the new year right around the corner, there's no better time to pick up the habit of journaling in time with the moon. Ahead, check out some of our favorite picks for the lunar events of 2019.

This guided journal offers tips on how to schedule your gardening, love life, and career around the cycles of the moon. Even if you don't end up tying the knot on the full moon, you'll have room to reflect on that phase's effect on your love life.
Llewellyn Publications Llewellyn's 2019 Moon Sign Book$9.19 Buy
Think of this weekly planner as a pared down version of Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book. Pick this one if you're already somewhat familiar with what each lunar phase represents and can interpret on your own how its energy is making its way into your life.
Llewellyn Publications Llewellyn's 2019 Moon Sign Datebook$9.19 Buy
This diary gives you space to reflect on every day of the year and keeps you informed as to the moon's phase as well as its movement through the signs of the Zodiac. If you want to expand your understanding of the lunar cycle even further, pick up author Yasmin Boland's regular Moonology as a reference guide.
Hay House UK Ltd Moonology Diary 2019$14.23 Buy
This straightforward journal offers plenty of info and gentle prompts to help you reflect on the moon's role in your everyday life, dreams, and choices that you must make for the future.
Chronicle Books The Moon Journal$16.95 Buy
This journal starts off with a guide to releasing old energy for the new year and an instructional section on intention-setting and gratitude, so you're more than prepared to observe the full and new moons of 2019. Order the physical journal or download the digital version here.
This journal will ensure that 2019 is the year that you start meditating with the lunar cycle. Use the ample writing space to track your reflections and progress toward the intentions you set during your meditation sessions.
CreateSpace Publishing Moon Journal 2019: A lunar meditation companion$23.00 Buy
With weekly gemstone recommendations, astrological forecasts, space to plan and set intentions, and a ton of themed stickers, this planner is arguably the most thorough and informative pick on our list. Preorder it here.
This planner will remind you that, much like one lunar phase in the moon's entire cycle, every event in your life is a smaller part of a larger whole — and you can keep track of all of those little moments within its pages.
Lulu 2019 Lunar Planner by Nick Anthony Fiorenza (Paperback)$19.95 Buy
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