7 Modern Micro Braid Styles That Would Make Brandy Jealous

Braids take a long, long time to finish — there's no getting around that fact. Even with the help of a few assistants, you can expect to spend at least four hours in the chair. Now imagine doubling that. Micro braids, which are as tiny as the name indicates, can take days to finish — and even longer when you're doing them yourself. Granted, the teeny tiny plaits last way longer than bigger box braids and the possibilities with micro braids are endless, but you can't deny that they're a commitment.

These days, it's sort of rare to see the style — which was popularized by stars like Brandy in the '90s — because some people consider it dated, but we beg to differ. Micro braids (and braided wigs) are just as forward and fly as their bigger counterparts. You know.... even if you have to spend the rest of your life in the braiding chair. See some of the styles we love, ahead.


Side Ponytail

Brandy, our forever box braid inspiration, is currently rocking the style in a honey blonde color. Though micro braids are chic while worn down and long, she proves that they're equally cute tied up in a ponytail.

Blunt Lob

The shape and sharp ends of this cut is oh so chic.

Ombré Ends

There's no need to sit in the chair for over nine hours when you can slip a micro-braided wig on in nine seconds.

Edges On Sleek

For the 2018 Met Gala, celebrity stylist Nikki Nelms styled Zoe Kravtiz's braids into a bun with slicked-down baby hairs.

Big Bun

Lacy Redway tied Tessa Thompson's teeny braids into a high-bun for a New York Magazine cover shoot. The single pieces left hanging out of her updo gave her style a Brandy-esque flair.

Center Parted Plaits

And when in doubt, a sharp middle part works well for any style.

Side Swooped

We don't see ourselves wearing hair down to our toes anytime soon, but we do love Nicki Minaj's pink braids kept all to one side.
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