The Secret To Keeping Your Droopy Sweater's Sleeves Pushed Up Is In Your Junk Drawer

You've learned how to take the frumpy out of oversized sweaters. But taking out the fussy? You know what I'm talking about — no matter how securely I feel like I've rolled up my sleeves, they'll droop down as soon as I stop paying attention to them. It became so comically annoying that I seriously considered retiring my oversized sweaters (and as someone who really, really, really values comfort, the fact that I was second-guessing my comfiest clothing meant something).

Spurred by necessity, I came up with a trick that's worked super-well for me. Using those ribbon hair ties (this kind, NOT this kind, unless you like the feeling of your arms withering from lack of circulation), push up your sleeves with the tie on top to create a more elastic hold. While it's not 100% foolproof — this will not hold up to a set of vigorous jumping jacks — it will significantly cut back on the amount of sleeve-pushing you have to do. Watch the video above to see it in action.

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