4 Pro-Approved Haircuts That Will Give Thin Hair New Life

We may all have differing views on politics, tastes in music, and preferences in style, but there is at least one thing we can all agree on: Nobody likes a bad haircut. For fine hair types in particular, the wrong cut can make hair look thinner and less substantial — another thing that nobody ever wants. "The less you do to fine hair, the better," Cristina Bosque, lead stylist at Rita Hazan, tells Refinery29. "But a flattering cut can make your hair appear more thick and full."

There are other quick fixes for adding fullness and body to fine hair — like volumizing powders, sprays, and clip-in extensions. But if you're in the business of changing your look for more than a day or two, we chatted with industry experts about their favorite cuts for fine-haired clients. Ahead, find their favorite ways to give thin hair new life.


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Chop A Bob

If you've been hanging on to photos of bobs in your "saved" section on IG, consider this the sign you needed to go ahead and take the plunge. "Hair appears more voluminous when it is shorter," Amanda Price of Spoke & Weal Chicago tells us. "Since fine hair is less dense, a bob cut can give strands nice lift and movement."

Depending on how blunt you want your ends to look, Price suggests adding a little bit of texture. "Don't think that adding texture and removing weight will make your hair look even thinner," she says. "When done right, it should create movement and body."

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The real work happens when it's time to style your hair at home. According to Price, getting a bob will mean committing to upkeep until you're ready to grow it out. "To keep up the shape and lines, schedule an appointment every six to eight weeks," she says. "If that feels too often, your hair should grow nicely into a lob over time."

Price lives by a "less is more" motto when using styling products. "I always tell my clients with fine hair to use less oil and more hold-enhancing products," she says. "Anything that adds weight to your hair will make it look and feel condensed, so avoid using heavy conditioners and creams, too." To style your bob, Price recommends using featherweight volumizing products like Aveda Style Prep or Volumizing Tonic.
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Join The Blunt-Lob Bandwagon

So you think bobs are cute, but you really don't want to shed too many inches? Christy of Spoke & Weal San Francisco says a lob will be your jam. "A textured, blunt lob works for a wide variety of hair types, but it looks great for fine hair textures, too," she tells us.

D’Angelo Alston, a stylist at the salon's NYC location, says a lob looks especially flattering when it falls right above the shoulders. "Ask your stylist for an A-line cut to make the shape of your bob look longer," he says. Unlike the classic bob, which requires more frequent maintenance and trims, you can go eight to 12 weeks at a time between touching up your lob, Alston says.

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On days when your strands are feeling particularly limp, reach for a can of this cult-favorite texture spray. It'll perk up your hair from root to tip, and give you bedhead texture that is actually cute.
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Play With Minimal Layers

The idea of layers may seem alarming if your hair is naturally thin at the ends, but Jill Engelsen, Butterfly Studio Salon senior stylist and L'Oreal Pro educator, assures us that subtle layers will add volume to fine strands. "The key is keeping the bottom of the hair full and creating roundness around the face," she says. "Adding some pieces around the face is also a great way to conceal any fineness around the hairline."

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To avoid your layers falling flat and weighing down your face, using products that add extra texture will be vital to maintaining this type of cut. Engelsen loves L'Oreal's Techni.Art to cut down on greasiness and make your strands look more full.
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Experiment With Bangs

Cutler Salon stylist Emily Heser loves bangs for clients with fine hair. "Bangs are a great way to create the illusion of thicker hair, especially on wavy or curly hair," she says. "Generally, having short pieces in the front will make your strands look thicker and make it the focus of your style rather than the ends, which tend to appear finer." Another perk of cutting a fringe? Getting rid of your part. "Since the hair is falling forward, it looks more dense compared to having more of your strands to one side," she says.

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Though Heser recommends keeping product usage to a minimum when styling bangs, she does suggest having a dry shampoo handy to add volume without weighing down your fringe (or making your forehead greasy). This formula works overtime to cleanse, lift, and add texture to all hair types with just a few sprays.
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