The Blunt Haircut Is Making A Huge Comeback In 2020

While a layered haircut is never a bad idea — be it a feathered face frame or retro shag — this season, there's a noticeable swing the opposite direction to the blunt, no-frills cut.

According to industry pros, the single-length haircut is classically polished, makes hair look healthier, and is designed for versatility. Garren, celebrity stylist and co-founder of R+Co, says the trend is kind of a back-to-basics movement. "From short pixies to long cuts, the razor-sharp structure signifies a certain freedom from excess weight," he explains, adding that the fuss-free shape can then be styled any which way to add interest.


For proof of the blunt cut's trend spike, scroll through your 2020 style guide — organized in ascending order by length — and let it inspire you to go straight across at your next appointment.

The Short Bob

Call it a short bob or an A-line pixie, but this length — falling between the cheekbones and chin — is one of the shortest blunt shapes to take off this season.
Supermodel Kaia Gerber has slowly been taking her blunt bob shorter and shorter, last seen with a pixie-adjacent cut that stops at her ears.
Actress Bresha Webb shows us how a short, blunt cut parted straight down the middle proves effortlessly chic.

The '90s Bob

According to Garren, the classic bob — an incredibly popular style in the '90s — is one that cuts, with razor-sharp precision, right at the jawline.
Take your clean bob, add a blunt bang, and all of a sudden you've turned your classic cut Parisian.
Actress Laura Harrier's latest haircut is proof that a true bob is best styled with curls.

The Chopped Lob

If you want a little more length — but like the same crisp effect — go for a blunt lob, which should stop right at your shoulders.
From Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Alba, tons of celebs have tried the blunt lob length, most often wearing the style sleek and straight to emphasize the sharp shape.
Writer and director Janet Mock recently debuted a lighted and chopped lob that almost kisses her shoulder blades.
The Long Chop

You don't have to sacrifice length for structure. Let your strands fall well past your shoulders, then dust them straight á la Lea Michele.
You can wear extensions or a weave for even more length and that same refreshing bluntness at the ends.
Here, Mixed-ish star Arica Himmel shows us how a lengthy blunt cut can still have big personality — just add accessories.

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