The Perfect Wedding Gift For Each Of Your Friends, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Common misconception: With warm weather comes an uninterrupted roster of beach trips, backyard BBQs, and long, relaxing weekends. In reality, much of your summer is often usurped by one thing: wedding season.

Sure, everyone loves an open bar and a semi-mandatory hashtag. But along with all the good stuff, weddings often require a fair amount of stressful planning — for hosts and guests alike. You’re free to throw caution to the wind and wear the same dress to your coworker’s wedding in June and your best friend’s wedding in July, but that still leaves you with one dilemma: How do you choose the perfect gift?


Registries are a great help, but you still want to ensure that your gift is thoughtful and personal. That’s where the stars come in. If you’re sick of wading through endless lists of home goods, perhaps you should let the zodiac do the work for you.

Using our astrological expertise, we’ve created a no-brainer wedding gift guide that pairs each of your betrothed friends' zodiac signs with the perfect gift from The Registry at Bloomingdale's. Keep reading to discover what the stars have to say about your pals' newlywed needs.

Aries: Coravin Model Two Wine System

Odds are, the person from your childhood with the biggest trading card collection and the most intense T-ball practice routine was an Aries: These people love their hobbies and they take them very seriously.

If your nearly married Aries friend is at all interested in wine, it’s a safe bet that they’ve already taken it upon themselves to attend a tasting or two. In fact, they may even be a bit of a wine snob — in an endearing way — and if not, they’ll certainly get there upon receiving this gift. Coravin’s ingenious wine system will open any bottle without removing the cork, which will keep wine from oxidizing between tastings.
Coravin Model Two Wine System$299.95 Buy
Taurus: Calphalon 10-Piece Bakeware Set

The Taurus sign is associated with comfort and relaxation; they crave luxury and they’re big on self-care. A Taurus is the friend you turn to when you’re trying to decide if you want to leave work early to go home and watch rom-coms all night, because they’ll almost certainly text back, “DO IT. YOU DESERVE IT.” (You do.)

Tauruses love to pamper themselves, but they also love the feeling of a job well done — a combination of traits that lends itself well to baking. It’s a disciplined and exact art form (making the perfect chocolate chip cookies from scratch requires time and focus) and it results in treats.

Calphalon’s 10-piece bakeware set — which comes with every kind of cupcake, brownie, loaf, and sheet cake pan you can name — is the ideal gift for someone who refuses to rely on pre-made dough or canned icing — someone who’s committed to perfecting the craft and enjoying the end product.
Calphalon 10-Piece Bakeware Set$99.99 Buy
Gemini: Nespresso Vertuo Bundle by Breville

Geminis thrive on variety and experimentation. It’s a versatile, multifaceted sign, capable of juggling plenty of different interests and activities. (The “two-faced” reputation largely stems from their enviable ability to adapt in different social situations.)

Geminis are constantly seeking stimulation and fulfillment. They’re always on the go, trying new things, and starting new projects — somehow managing to work late every night while maintaining the busiest social calendar out of all your friends.

All that energy has to come from somewhere. It’s partly the stars, but it’s also probably caffeine. The Nespresso Vertuo Bundle is a great way to fuel your friend’s hectic lifestyle. Plus, the machine will certainly feed that appetite for variety — it'll make just about every coffee drink you can name at the touch of a button.
Nespresso Vertuo Bundle by Breville$440.00 Buy
Cancer: Ralph Lauren 624 Sateen Sheets

Cancer is an insular and introspective sign. It’s represented by a crab, which is extremely fitting, as many Cancers need time alone to recharge and reflect. In order to do this, they retreat back into their shells — and for most humans, “shell” translates to “bed.”

Cancers place a high value on comfort and are experts at self-soothing. It’s important that when they do retreat, they feel safe, cozy, and taken care of. So having their beds outfitted with high-quality sheets — like these 624-thread-count Pima cotton sateen ones from Ralph Lauren — is a simple but important luxury. There’s nothing quite like curling up underneath soft, buttery bedding at the end of a long day — especially for a sensitive Cancer.
Ralph Lauren 624 Sateen Sheets$145.00 Buy
Leo: Villeroy & Boch Belissimo Dinnerware Collection

It’s a well-known fact that Leos have a knack for flair. As the only sign in the zodiac that’s ruled by a star instead of a planet, Leos tend to be flashy, attention-grabbing, and totally irresistible. They have no problem basking in the spotlight and enjoy feeling like they have something that no one else has. More often than not, they throw one hell of a dinner party.

While most people would save striking, handcrafted plates for special occasions, that's not the case for a Leo. The Villeroy & Boch Belissimo Dinnerware Collection will add sunny vibes and a touch of splendor to any table, whether the plates and bowls are set for a celebration or an otherwise casual Friday night dinner.

Since the collection is completely exclusive to Bloomingdale’s, you can rest assured that your friend will have a hard time finding someone else with a matching set. This may not seem like an important point to you — but that’s probably because you’re not a Leo.
Villeroy & Boch Belissimo Dinnerware Collection$40.00 Buy
Virgo: Villeroy & Boch La Classica 5-Piece Place Setting

Virgos are modern, tasteful, and classy. They typically hate extravagance and prefer everything to serve a clear purpose. As a clear-headed, practical earth sign, a Virgo places a high value on efficiency and common sense. Odds are, their wedding registries will have very few extraneous or useless appliances.

A high-quality and reliable set of silverware may seem like an underwhelming gift, but to most Virgos, this epitomizes the very spirit of gift-giving. Why force someone to accept something they never wanted and probably will never use? Villeroy & Boch’s La Classica five-piece set is equal parts elegant and practical — and it’s versatile enough to be used every day.
Villeroy & Boch La Classica 5-Piece Place Setting$72.00 Buy
Libra: Villeroy & Boch Boston Glassware Collection

The Libra sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of romance and beauty, so these people place a high value on artistry and glamour. Many are highly creative — and take a special liking to interior design, as they see their physical surroundings as extensions of themselves.

For this reason, it would be ill-advised to give your Libra friend a fancy throw pillow or an ornate frame — they’ve definitely already selected their own. Villeroy & Boch’s Boston Glassware Collection is one of those things that your friend never knew they needed. It’s proof that even practical, everyday objects can be fun and beautiful. This set — which is available in 5 different color schemes — has an elegant, simple design and adds the perfect pop of color to any room dominated by a stainless steel fridge or granite countertops.
Villeroy & Boch Boston Glassware Collection$32.00 Buy
Scorpio: All-Clad 4 Quart Slow Cooker

Scorpios are complex and sometimes confusing individuals. This is arguably the most difficult sign to pin down when it comes to interests, hobbies, and pursuits — but that’s often because they have difficulty pinning themselves down.

Scorpios also have a unique potential for self-improvement. They are inquisitive, introspective people, so ideally, you’d give them the sort of thing that helps them to better themselves. As far as wedding gifts go, a slow cooker is an excellent place to start. Scorpios are typically bad at planning ahead and anticipating their own needs — so give your friend an object that helps them tackle that issue in their day-to-day life. They probably wouldn’t think to buy it for themselves, but they’ll appreciate the opportunity to adopt a more productive routine.
All-Clad 4 Quart Slow Cooker$149.99 Buy
Sagittarius: Ralph Lauren Wyatt Cocktail Shaker

Sagittarius is often cited as the most charming of the zodiac signs. Sag is the life of the party — they have a knack for injecting positivity into any situation, and they typically don’t have any problem talking to a wide array of people. Because of this, they tend to thrive in social situations — and they enjoy being the center of attention.

In many ways, they have a lot in common with your favorite bartender. They’re probably both smooth-talking social butterflies who perform well under pressure. Mixology is the ideal hobby for any stereotypical Sag: It’s a flashy skill that demands the attention of the room.

Your friend may or may not know the ingredients in a mojito, but with the right cocktail shaker, it’s a fair bet that they’ll have fun finding out. Even if they never use it and just keep it on a shelf in their kitchen so houseguests can admire it, it’s still a conversation piece — and that’s all that really matters.
Ralph Lauren Wyatt Cocktail Shaker$95.00 Buy
Capricorn: Nutribullet Pro 900 Series

Capricorn is a responsible and sensible sign. As hardworking and ambitious individuals, they have a strong sense of responsibility and a clear idea of what they’re meant to be doing at any given moment.

They're practical and self-sufficient, and they tend to value efficiency over most other things. They’re also rather stubborn and uncomfortable with change, so you don’t want to give them anything too divergent from their preferred lifestyle. For this reason, your best bet is the Nutribullet. It’s technically nonessential, so if your friend already has a blender, it’s unlikely that they’d buy one of these upgraded versions for themselves (that wouldn’t be practical). Plus, if they don’t already include smoothies in their routine, they should. It’s on-brand.
Nutribullet Pro 900 Series$159.98 Buy
Aquarius: Villeroy & Boch New Wave Dinnerware

Aquarius is seen as an individualistic, free-spirited, and even rebellious sign. They tend to be creative and open-minded, occasionally eccentric, and pointedly original. They stand out in a crowd, but at the same time, they’re utterly averse to discomfort of any kind. For that reason, they’re “road more traveled” kind of people.

Aquarians know who they are and what they want, so it’s redundant to give them a gift that tries too hard to be quirky or unusual. But at the very least, you can help add intrigue and panache to an ordinary routine.

Villeroy & Boch’s New Wave Dinnerware set is perfect for the more traditionalist Aquarius in your life. Every household needs plates and bowls, but the angular, fluid design puts an interesting spin on these mundane, domestic objects. This way, your friend can show off — without straying too far from tradition.
Villeroy & Boch New Wave Dinnerware$54.00 Buy
Pisces: Jonathan Adler Decorative Pillow

As the final sign on the zodiac wheel, Pisces is often considered the most developed and spiritually mature. They're typically very observant, difficult to fool, and extremely sensitive to the energies from the people around them. This makes them highly attentive friends.

Pisces can be a social or introverted sign, but either way, they’ll almost always need some alone time to recharge. They love spending time at home, in a space they’ve carved out for themselves. This Letter Pillow by Jonathan Adler isn’t overly assuming or attention grabbing, so it won’t threaten to throw off the balance in your friend’s curated space. It’ll blend seamlessly into any environment or color scheme, while also serving as a nod to their knack for personalization. Best of all, they’ll appreciate the fact that you chose a personal item (you can pick a letter that means something to both of you or pick multiple to spell something out).
Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow$125.00 Buy
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