The Perfect Wedding Gift For Each Of Your Friends, Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Common misconception: With warm weather comes an uninterrupted roster of beach trips, backyard BBQs, and long, relaxing weekends. In reality, much of your summer is often usurped by one thing: wedding season.
Sure, everyone loves an open bar and a semi-mandatory hashtag. But along with all the good stuff, weddings often require a fair amount of stressful planning — for hosts and guests alike. You’re free to throw caution to the wind and wear the same dress to your coworker’s wedding in June and your best friend’s wedding in July, but that still leaves you with one dilemma: How do you choose the perfect gift?
Registries are a great help, but you still want to ensure that your gift is thoughtful and personal. That’s where the stars come in. If you’re sick of wading through endless lists of home goods, perhaps you should let the zodiac do the work for you.
Using our astrological expertise, we’ve created a no-brainer wedding gift guide that pairs each of your betrothed friends' zodiac signs with the perfect gift from The Registry at Bloomingdale's. Keep reading to discover what the stars have to say about your pals' newlywed needs.

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