15 Gift Ideas For The Libra In Your Life

It may feel like we're in a never-ending summer, but *sounds the alarm* Libra season kicks off today, which also coincides with the first day of fall.

"Libras enjoy the finer things in life and have a joie de vivre take on existence," astrology expert Lisa Stardust tells Refinery29. And while Libras are best known as masters of balance and symmetry (they are, after all, represented by brass scales), they're also known for their romantic side and appreciation of all things beauty. "Always one to commit to affairs of the heart with eagerness, they are lovers of love," Stardust adds. "Also, the person who adds glamour, sparkle, and laughter to life." Well, in honor of the most compassionate air sign, here are 15 gift ideas sure to please any Libra.


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Aesop Breathless Massage Oil

"Libra is a sensual, touchy-feely sign," Stardust explains. "A massage with some oils will do the trick to alleviate stresses, either solo or with a partner."
Need Supply Co. Breathless Massage Oil$35.00 Buy

Anthropologie Volcania Flutes, Set of 4

"Of course, their drink of choice is champagne," Stardust says. "Gift your pal these lovely and chic champagne flutes for two for their birthday."
Anthropologie Volcania Flutes, Set of 4$48.00 Buy

Milk Bar Compost Cookie Mix

"Libras love sugary foods, as all Venusian signs have a sweet tooth," says Stardust. Indulge their dessert craving with an at-home cookie mix that brings the ultimate sweet treat to their kitchen.
Milk Bar Compost Cookie Baking Mix$16.00 Buy

Casetify Rose Quartz and Amethyst Stone iPhone Case

"Don’t forget: Libras are the flirtiest sign of the zodiac," says Stardust. "An iPhone cover with Libra's signature crystal — rose quartz — will help keep their heart tingly with glee while sending sexts and flirty messages to their crush."
Casetify Rose Quartz and Amethyst Stone and Marble Hexagon Tiles$35.00 $30.00 Buy

Love At First Like by Hannah Orenstein

Libras are romantics at heart, so a modern love story like this witty novel about a jewelry shop owner's relationship antics is a perfect affordable gift for any Libra friend.
Hannah Orenstein Love at First Like: A Novel$13.58 Buy

Argento Vivo Moonstone Pendant Necklace

"Libras love simple jewelry, and a moonstone bracelet or necklace will not only be a lovely addition to their trinkets, but also help anchor and protect their hearts," Stardust says.

Argento Vivo Moonstone Pendant Necklace$48.00 Buy

Valentino Donna Rosa Verde Eau de Toilette

"Libras love to be romanticized and are obsessed with balance and harmony," says Blue June, Host of Mystic Witch podcast, who recommends a sensual, romantic fragrance laced with rose for the ultimate Libra beauty gift. "Very little is needed to ensorcell an admirer and make you irresistible."
Valentino Donna Rosa Verde Eau de Toilette$135.00 Buy

T3 SinglePass Curl Professional Ceramic Curling Iron

"Libras are always on point with knowing the best hair products and tools," Stardust reveals. Treat your friend (or go halfsies with someone else in your squad) to one a splurge-worthy styling tool for a gift that'll keep on giving.
T3 SinglePass Curl Professional Ceramic Curling Iron$160.00 Buy

RIKI Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror

"If anyone ever needed fashion or hair advice, Libra is their best friend, as their sense of beauty and aesthetic is unparalleled by all other signs," astrology expert Maia Orion tells Refinery29. "Put a well-lit mirror in front of a Libra, and they’ll likely be entertained for days, experimenting with and perfecting new looks for themselves — a makeup vanity with lights is a welcome addition to any Libra’s home." Besides, a gift like this one is one that is best shared: "You may even be lucky enough to receive a free makeover out of it, by the lovely Libra in your life," she adds.
RIKI LOVES RIKI Skinny Lighted Mini Vanity Mirror$195.00 Buy

Apparis Alix Faux Fur Coat

"Libra love balance and a monochrome outfit is their ideal go-to," Stardust says. "This faux fur coat will add texture to their glamours and chic outfits."
Apparis Apparis Alix Faux Fur Coat$310.00 Buy

Madewell Silk Side-Slit Slip Dress in Backyard Blooms

"A simple and sweet slip dress is ideal for Libra," Stardust recommends. "They love to layer and a cute turtleneck will look fab under this cute dress."
Madewell Silk Side-Slit Slip Dress in Backyard Blooms$148.00 Buy

Billie the Label Diana Blazer

"A matching outfit screams Libra because of its trendy simplicity and balance," Stardust says. Pair with a matching skirt for the ultimate coordinated cool moment.
Billie the Label Diana Blazer$228.00 Buy

Everlane The Day Boot

A stacked heel boot is a fall staple and balances practicality and style like no other shoe style.
Everlane The Day Boot$235.00 Buy

Summer Fridays R+R Mask

Libras are symbolized by brass scales, which means that they have a natural tendency for balance. A luxe face mask that exfoliates and hydrates skin (with rose popping up again as a star ingredient) is perfect for leaving skin feeling brand new.
Summer Fridays R + R Mask$52.00 Buy

Follain Essential Experience Aroma Diffuser Lamp

Nothing creates a calm, tranquil ambiance like a little aromatherapy. Play to Libra's calm personality with relaxing diffuser lamp, which creates peak cozy vibes thanks to essential oil and warm, diffused light.
Follain Essential Experience Aroma Diffuser Lamp$48.00 Buy

Pantone Artist and Writer's Notebook

If you really want to get thoughtful, Stardust recommends gifting your Libra friend with a Color Magic Consultation from New York City-based Experiential Curator & Art Advisor Sarah Potter. "She can access a client’s needs and prescribe new colors for their homes to help invoke their desired effects," Stardust explains. "Through the magic of color, a home can become a haven to help manifest all of the client’s desires; all of this is very Libra, since they are artists." The lite version? Invest in a color-happy notebook to help them express their daily thoughts and creative musings.
Pantone Artist and Writer's Notebook$13.00 Buy
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