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It’s Christmas Now — The Dash & Lily Soundtrack Says So

The characters Netflix's new YA holiday rom-com series Dash & Lily embody the yearly Christmas divide: those who cannot get enough holiday cheer and those who would do anything to avoid it entirely.  Despite their polarizing beliefs, Scrooge-like Dash (Austin Abrams) and holiday obsessive Lily (Midori Francis) develop a deep connection the just so happens to coincide with the holiday season. And as they communicate with each other strictly via notes left in a red notebook, Dash & Lily's soundtrack boosts the holiday-themed romance — with the merry Christmas sights and sounds of New York City as the backdrop.

The story goes that the two teens start writing to each other after Lily leaves a notebook filled with clues and a dares in The Strand bookstore (shoutout to independent bookstore enthusiasts out there). Dash, who is obsessed with The Strand, finds it and plays along as their simple game turns into a pen-pal exchange that takes them around their favorite spots in New York. Naturally, their journey is set to a playlist of classic holiday jingles and songs that serve as melancholy love letters to the city. 


You will instantly recognize some of the holiday songs, though you may not recognize every version you'll hear in Dash & Lily. There are also a few lesser-known holiday tunes so pay close attention: These are all the songs from Dash & Lily. May they transport you to the twinkle-light soaked streets of New York City at Christmastime. 

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Episode 1: The Decemberists, "Philomena"

Long sunny days can lead to lazy vices
Boys all that I know, left to their own devices
Open up your linen lap
And let me go

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Episode 1: Chuck Berry, "Run Run Rudolph"

Run, run Rudolph, Santa's got to make it to town
Santa make him hurry, tell him he can take the freeway down

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Episode 1: Joni Mitchell, "River"

I wish i had a river
I could skate away on
I wish i had a river so long,
I would teach my feet to fly

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Episode 1: Eels, "Everything's Gonna Be Cool This Christmas"

The tree is looking so inspired
There's a yuletide groove waitin' for you to move
I'll go and throw another log on the fire

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Episode 2: The Ronettes, "Sleigh Ride"

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring ting tingling too
Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

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Episode 2: Wham!, "Last Christmas"

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll give it to someone special

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Episode 2: The Waitresses, "Christmas Wrapping"

So deck those halls, trim those trees
Raise up cups of Christmas cheer
I just need to catch my breath
Christmas by myself this year

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Episode 2: The Pogues Feat. Kirsty MacColl, "Fairytale of New York"

When you first took my hand
On a cold Christmas Eve
You promised me
Broadway was waiting for me

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Episode 3: Cat Power, "Manhattan"

You'll never be never be never be Manhattan
Don't look at the moon tonight
You can never be never be never be never be Manhattan

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Episode 3: Golem Feat. Brandon Seabrook, "Odessa"

This isn't the version used in the show, but rather the original version from the klezmer pop punk band, Golem.

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Episode 4: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy"

This Instrumental piece is from the 1892 ballet The Nutcracker. The principal female ballerina dances to this song during the second act. 

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Episode 4: Sufjan Stevens, "Come On! Let's Boogey to the Elf Dance!"

Santa is here
Sleigh bells are ringing
Twenty-one elves
They are singing

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Episode 4: Nat King Cole, "The Christmas Song"

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

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Episode 5: Kyu Sakamoto, "Sukiyaki"

This song, which was a huge hit across the globe when it was released in 1961, was written about the feeling of walking home after attending a protest. In Dash & Lily, it's used a bit more liberally in the Dash-makes-mochi scene.

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Episode 5: David Archuleta, "Holly Jolly Christmas"

Have a holly jolly Christmas
It's the best time of the year
I don't know if there'll be snow
But have a cup of cheer

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Episode 5: Mr & Mrs, "That Holiday Feelin'"

Unhh, we betta get down to business
Call me mister and I call you missus
We gonna leave behind tradition 
You don’t have to have to ask forgiveness

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Episode 6: The Voluntary Butler Scheme, "Quinzhee"

I’m building us a house out of snow
And if it doesn’t melt, then we’ll know
That our love is unbeatable 
That our love is unbeatable
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Episode 6: Pas/Cal, "I Wanna Take You Out In Your Holiday Sweater"

In the morning
I see you with your hair down
Watch as you turn your sonny's light on
As your honey leaves for work

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Episode 6: The Staves, "Home Alone, Too"

Well it rained again this Christmas
Seems to happen every year
And it only snows on TV
And I saw you in your photographs

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Episode 7: Cat Power, "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on our troubles will be out of sight

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Episode 8: Jonas Brothers, "Like It's Christmas"

The snow on the ground
The love in the air
The sleigh bells are ringing
This is what it's all about

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Episode 8: Gracie Abrams, "Stay"

I held myself 'cause you wouldn't, all wrapped in my sweatshirt
Wonder if you even noticed that that one was yours

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Episode 8: Ella Fitzgerald, "What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?"

Wonder whose arms will hold you good and tight
When it's exactly twelve o'clock that night
Welcoming in the New Year

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Episode 8: Denmark + Winter, "Auld Lang Syne"

Should old acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind
Should all acquaintance be forgot
And auld lang syne

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