The 5 Easiest Watchmen Costumes For This Masked Up Halloween Season

In 2020, the key to a good Halloween costume is an excellent, in-character mask. All the more reason to dress up as a superhero who already wears one, and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen superheroes as interesting and as real as the characters from Watchmen

Watchmen has been praised for its grounded, timely take on the superhero genre and Emmy-winning performances, but its costumes are also one of a kind. Instead of high-tech, high-concept disguises, Sister Night (Regina King) and the other vigilantes wear everyday, makeshift costumes. 


Chief costume designer Meghan Kasperlik said she tried to stay true to the Watchmen comic book series by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. “In the graphic novel, all of the vigilantes’ costumes are a fairly simple silhouette and simple lines,” Kasperlik told the Daily Dot. “So that was also really important, making sure to keep everything as clean and simple as possible. Nothing was too high-tech, nothing was too crazy, because we really wanted to pay homage to the graphic novel.”

Because of this, many Watchmen outfits are easy to emulate with just a few items. The best part? Some of these costumes are much more complex than others, so if you’re dressing up with a five-person group, there’s something for every commitment level. Here’s how to piece each one together.

Halloween is a time for frights, costumes, and fun, but this year is a little different. You can still do all of those things, but please make sure to practice proper social distancing measures, avoid large gatherings, and remember every costume is best paired with a mask. Refinery29 is your one-stop Halloween shop when it comes to ways to celebrate safely. Enjoy!

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

Angela Abar/Sister Night Costume

Angela's all-black, nun-inspired outfit is probably Watchmen's most recognizable look. You'll want to invest in a good cloak with fitted sleeves, a white turtleneck, and a thick black belt. Accessorize your belt with a brown, beaded rosary necklace and a gold badge. Finally, grab a neck gaiter and go kick some ass. Or walk on water.

Dr. Manhattan Costume

So you might not actually want to douse your entire body in electric blue body paint — if that is your thing, go ahead, but that won't be necessary. You can easily find a full-body blue Spandex suit that will do the trick. Don't forget to use a Sharpie or fabric marker to draw Dr. Manhattan's hydrogen symbol on the suit.

Then, for clothing, you'll just need some simple black jeans and a fitted black t-shirt. Voila.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

Red Scare Costume

As Kasperlik said, "This is a guy that just had this costume probably at home, and threw it on, and put a mask on." You'll need a red zip-up sweatshirt and matching sweatpants; if you're feeling crafty, put some duct tape in Watchmen yellow on either side of the zipper. Finish off the look with a sheriff's badge and a knit red ski mask.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

Looking Glass Costume

Looking Glass' outfit is pretty easy to replicate. You need a gray or black jacket, a button-down shirt in the same color, and dark-wash jeans. Finish off the look with a leather belt and a gold badge.

The most important part of this costume, though, is the mask covering his entire head. Unfortunately, you can't use the CG effects that the Watchmen team did, but the mask itself is pretty easy to make. Kasperlik said the costume team used a lamé spandex fabric to create a reflective look, and you can fashion your own using the same material, available online and also in most craft stores.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.

Pirate Jenny Costume

To get Pirate Jenny's rockstar-pirate fusion look, you'll first have to find a killer leather jacket; then, any form-fitting pants and acid-wash or tie-dye shirt. Find a splashy, colorful headband and, if you have long hair, tie into a low, messy bun. For makeup, go for a smokey eye — the more dramatic, the better.

Kasperlik told Polygon that she used fishnets to create Pirate Jenny's mask. An easy way to make your own would be to cut eye holes out of a mesh wig cap.
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