Every Song In Palm Springs Will Leave You California Dreaming

The soundtrack for the Hulu original film Palm Springs is a big mood. In fact, it's so big it might help with the summertime sadness many of us are experiencing in this extremely strange year. Still, it's safe to say that no one's year has been quite as weird as that of Palm Springs stars Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti), who have found themselves stuck in a Russian Doll-like loop.

The quantum physics rom-com has the two lonely strangers reliving the same day over and over again. And that day just happens to be Sarah's sister's Palm Springs wedding so the old adage "always a bridesmaid, never a bride" has never felt quite so appropriate. The same goes for the music in Palm Springs, which will leave you California dreaming — even if it's for a day in which Nyles and Sarah can finally leave the Sunshine state.


The soundtrack is full of Laurel Canyon faves and artists that you wish would play Coachella, which is fitting since film is set in that flower crown-filled festival's neck of the woods. Like Nyles and Sarah's day, the music also repeats itself. Former Velvet Underground member John Cale has two songs on the soundtrack, while a few former members of the Byrd also pop up. There is even a lovely repeat of a girl group song that we wouldn't mind hearing today or tomorrow, which in this movie is really today. Luckily, no matter what day it is, the music in Palm Springs is here for you to enjoy.

Demis Roussos “Forever and Ever”

This easy listening track from 1973 is the calm before the cave opens up and causes an infinite time loop.

Khruangbin "August 10"

The 2018 track from the psychedelia trio is a backwards take on their song "August 12," which feels about right for this movie.

Patrick Crowley "Megatron Man"

This high energy disco song from 1981 soundtracks Nyles's come hither dance that leads to all Sarah's problems.

Later, it returns for a choreographed number from Nyles and Sarah that is a real F-U to everyone in that bar.

Chester Moore II "Turn It On"

This R&B song from 2020 makes for good crying in your beer music.

The Toys "A Lover's Concerto"

The 1965 pop song, written by Denny Randell and Sandy Linzer and originally performed by the Toys, plays twice in Palm Springs. The second time is when Sarah's dad Howard (Peter Gallagher) and stepmother Pia (Jacqueline Obradors) perform a bit of it for the bride and groom.

 Alan Power "Hear And Now"

The U.K. singer's bittersweet 2019 song feels like the second coming of Roy Orbison and a nice song to eat burritos to.

Gene Clark "No Other"

The 1974 track from the founding member of The Byrds, who was also known as the "hillbilly Shakespeare," is a traveling song. Unfortunately, Sarah and Nyles already know what tomorrow brings.

Patrick Cowley "One Hot Afternoon"

The pioneer of electronic dance music's 1982 dance track is a real trip, but maybe not as trippy as those dinosaur mushrooms.

Los Straitjackets "Cantina"

The instrumental rock band from Tennessee gives us this little ditty that makes you want to wander in the desert. Hopefully, without a run-in with Roy (J.K. Simmons).

10,000 Maniacs "Like The Weather"

The 1987 track from the band led by Natalie Merchant is dedicated to Nyles, the saddest sad boy.

Bianca Gisselle "Sink"

The 2019 pop ballad feels like a perfect first dance song for a wedding that, for certain guests, will never end.

Los Cadetes De Linares "El Palomito”

Listen close, or you might miss the Mexican Norteño band's 2007 track about a little dove.

Natural Child “Saturday Night Blues”

The Nashville band's 2014 track plays in the bar where Sarah and Nyles sure spend a lot of time scamming people.

John Cale “Barracuda”

The art rocker's 1974 track helps Nyles and Sarah find some normalcy — at least for a little while.

Iwalani Kahalewai "Ulu Palakua”

The 1972 song from the Hawaiian singer plays as the two pull pranks like defusing a bomb in the middle of Sarah's sister's wedding.

Genesis "Brazilian"

This experimental track from 1986 feels like appropriate theme music for a big revelation.

John Cale “You Know More Than I Know”

The former Velvet Underground rocker returns with another track from 1974's Fear that helps Sarah face hers. Its title also foreshadows the message in her sweet wedding speech.

Gram Parsons "In My Hour Of Darkness"

With this 1974 track, the alt country singer, who once played with The Byrds, sends Sarah and Nyles on a path to finally break the cycle.

Leonard Cohen "The Partisan"

The French-Canadian singer's 1969 cover of the English translation of a anti-fascist anthem about the French Resistance in World War II helps Nyles realize Sarah is his Irvine.

Kate Bush “Cloudbusting”

The Brit's 1985 track is about the relationship between psychiatrist and philosopher Wilhelm Reich and his young son. In the film, it soundtracks the moment right before Sarah and Nyles blow up and possibly die.

Hall & Oates "When The Morning Comes”

The opening track off the duo's 1973 album, Abandoned Luncheonette, welcomes in a new day and the final credits.

S.E. “Rogie” Rogers "Man Stupid Being"

The Sierra Leone singer's '60s sounding number is the last song you hear in Palm Springs.
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