30 Looks To Try, The At-Home Edition

By now, in our new work-from-home lives, two types of dressers have emerged: those who still wear an outfit, and those who do not. For the latter, the question of What do I wear today? simply doesn’t exist. Instead, getting dressed consists more of picking out a matching (or not matching) loungewear set or silky pajama duo for another day of sending emails from a horizontal position on the sofa. The rest of people working from home, however, continue to devise creative ways to express themselves through clothes, be it in new, more comfortable ways or not. 

We’re not here to tell you which route is the one best taken. That is for you to decide. We can, however, provide you with ample inspiration on both ends of the spectrum. From sweatsuits à la Zoë Kravitz that are just as comfortable as they are polished to dressed-up ensembles that look more appropriate for a fashion show than another day of self-isolation, the 30 looks ahead include a little bit of everything. One thing’s for sure, though, the entire lot is worth a try. 


Click ahead for 30 April looks that are sure to inspire your at-home style this month (and beyond).

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A big coat makes any outfit look Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen-approved.
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When dressing for comfort and style, you can't go wrong with ribbed, well, everything.
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Dresses, jeans, sweaters, oh my!
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A good outfit's still a good outfit even if no one is looking.
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This photo is proof that sweatpants can be polished.
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Sometimes, all it takes to stay sane during quarantine is putting on a neon dress.
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Well, of course, Beyoncé designed the perfect self-isolation tracksuit.
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Six cozy outfit ideas for the price of one (scroll on for the other five).
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The perfect look for your weekly trip to the local supermarket.
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The roomier the track pants, the better.
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Get us a set of these striped PJs, stat!
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It might not yet be sandal season outside, but indoors, it's bare toes time all the way.
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When in doubt, wear a tie-dye sweatsuit.
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Dressing for your own reflection is always valid.
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New boots will always make us smile.
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Three words: extra-slouchy pants.
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Indoor shoes: Yes or no?
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Spotted: UGG slippers.
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If you don't already have a tie-dye hoodie, just make one yourself.
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We can't be the only ones dreaming of palm trees and sandy beaches.
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Work(out) from home 'fits.
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This is a funky-sock appreciation post.
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Hint: If you need something to spice up your WFH look, just add a bucket hat.
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*Runs outside for a photo during golden hour*
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A stunning example of those aforementioned homemade tie-dye sweatsuits.
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When you can't get any real Vitamin D, just dress the part.
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If there's one thing we all need right now, it's cow-print loafers.
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Who's to say you shouldn't wear clashing prints?
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Overall, self-isolation isn't so bad when you've got a shoe collection like this one to keep you company.
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TBH, there's no shame in not getting dressed at all.
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