All The Seasonal Halloween Candy To Stock Up On Before October 31st

Your cat whiskers are smeared and your costume is coming apart. There are definitely a few more houses you’d like to hit up but your Party City pumpkin basket broke off at the handle. Now to sit in a circle, spread out that Halloween booty, and gorge yourself (or trade off) those trick-or-treat spoils.

Halloween is one part spook, two parts costumes, and three parts candy. We might not be of trick-or-treating age anymore, but now that we have our own money and pay our own dental care bills, we are free to stock up on all the sweet treats we want. We can get the assorted fun-size chocolate bag and the assorted fun-size fruit candy bag. And we have to have our classics, the ones we looked forward to having dropped in our trick-or-treating bags and now happily buy for ourselves come October: namely, Reese’s peanut butter cups, M&M’s, and candy corn.


But this season also gives rise to limited-edition tricks and new treats. Here are all the major releases, from new offerings to seasonal returns.

Doctors and other waiting room professionals: Please fill your requisite candy bowls with these this month. Thanks.
Hershey's Halloween Monster Kisses$3.59 Buy
People are sleeping on Dove's dessert-inspired chocolates. With "graham flavored crisps," this one surely won't disappoint.
Dove Dove Halloween White Chocolate Caramel Apple$4.99 Buy
Silky Ganache said it best: Crunch, Crunch. Munch, Munch!
M&M's M&M's Halloween Cocoa Crisp - 8oz$3.19 Buy
Ring Pops are so underrated. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas brought them back to life, so let's keep the momentum going through Halloween.
Ring Pop 22-Pack Ring Pop Halloween Variety Bag$5.49 Buy
Sour Punch has the best sour string on the market. And you need these individually-wrapped bats and pumpkins to keep in your bag.
Sour Punch Sour Punch Bats & Pumpkins Scare Size 18-Piece Bag$4.50 Buy
Fact: The seasonal Reese's are better than the regular shape.
Reese's Reese's Peanut Butter Monster Mania$3.59 Buy
If Peeps are the candy-corn of Easter, that what does that make Halloween Peeps?
Peeps And Company Peeps Marshmallow Pumpkins$2.00 Buy
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