"Rooted Citrine Blonde" Is The Breakout Hair-Color Trend Of Fall 2019

There must be something in the water, because most of this fall's biggest hair trends are surprisingly low-maintenance. From brunette balayage to red-tinged gingerbread highlights, the soon-to-be popular shades start a few inches down from the root and grow out with ease. Even when it comes to the trickiest category, blonde, the fall trend de jour — "rooted citrine" — is a cool, lived-in, yellow-gold shade that requires an insanely lax touch-up plan.

We first learned about the term from Stephanie Brown, a colorist at NYC's IGK Salon, who tells us that it's the dream transition tone for blondes looking to ease away from regularly-scheduled salon visits — all while keeping their warmth. "Sometimes blondes want to be bright all year, but I've been seeing more opting for a rooted look," Brown tells us. "It’s lower maintenance than single-process, yet the effect is still bright. Plus, having those golden, buttery tones is beautiful when transitioning from summer to fall."


Ahead, find a visual guide to the rooted citrine blonde look, plus pick up Brown's tips on exactly what to ask for at your next appointment.

For celebrity inspiration, you'll find the perfect pre-fall look on Margot Robbie. Here, you can see how her colorist, Justin Anderson, smudged her roots with a gloss and gave a golden tinge to her well-blended highlights.
These brunette roots add dimension against the yellow-blonde highlights and will make your grow-out virtually seamless. "The purpose of the rooted blonde is to make the grow out easier," Brown explains. "Think of it as softening the highlight color to make it look natural and lived-in."
Rooted citrine blonde is kind of a mouthful, so the easiest way to get what you're looking for is to bring visuals. "Bring pictures of examples of the look so you can show your stylist the placement you want," Brown recommends. "I suggest starting about an inch to an inch and a half from the roots to give it a really cool, purposeful look."
The yellow-gold highlight works on any hair texture or cut. If you have natural curls, channel Beyoncé's buttery, but still rooted, golden shade — and find a spot in the sunshine.
Personalization is the name of the game no matter what shade you're after. "I've found that some people who have warm undertones in their skin like to add a pale blonde face-frame highlight to pop against the golden tones," says Brown. "It looks beautiful when the light hits."
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