5 Hair-Color Trends That Are Going To Be Huge This Fall

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There's something about the fast pace of September that might have you yearning for a more low-maintenance approach to your hair color. While bright blonde highlights felt fun for the beach, the upkeep is a lot, which is why so many of us are looking for a soft tweak — like lowlights or a warm balayage — heading into cooler weather.
If you can relate, then you'll love the hair color trends primed to be huge this season. Spoiler: They're all gorgeous and designed for an irregular touch-up schedule, meaning less time with your head in the bleach bowl and more time enjoying a Saturday tailgate and an autumnal breeze through your hair.
From golden brunette to rooty blonde, scroll through inspiration behind the five biggest hair color trends for fall 2019 — all of which are perfect references to bring into your next appointment — ahead.
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Ash Brunette

Consider ash brown this fall's take on bronde, the happy place between blonde and brunette. The dimensional shade — as seen on model Barbara Palvin — is a blend of light brown and cool blonde, without any brassy yellow or red undertones. If you have a dark brown root tone, you're already halfway there.

Pro tip: Ask for the lightest tones to be painted super fine around the face, then top it off with a gloss for shine.
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Honey Highlights

When considering a low-maintenance hair color, it's important to lean into color contrast. That is, your natural base tone against your highlight or lowlight. Matrix colorist Nick Stenson says that warm honey blonde gives a natural-looking brightness against a darker root. "I recommend using a gloss to add extra depth to the root area to make the honey tone pop," he tells us.

Pro tip: "If your hair is curly, make sure your stylist takes bigger sections because as the hair curls, it will actually diffuse some of the color," Stenson adds.
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Rooted Citrine Blonde

Into very blonde color? Subtly-rooted yellow and gold tones will be especially on-trend this fall, according to Stephanie Brown, colorist at NYC's IGK Salon."Sometimes blondes want to be bright all year, but I've been seeing more blondes opting for a rooted look," Brown tells us. "It’s lower maintenance than single-process, yet the effect is still bright. Plus, having those pretty golden, buttery tones are beautiful when transitioning from summer to fall."

Pro tip: Opting for a "gloss smudging" is an easy way to fake it 'till you make it.
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Gingerbread Caramel

Warm red and copper hair color isn't necessarily groundbreaking for autumn, but the 2019 take is a world away from bold, pumpkin-spice tones. According to Kitty Greller, colorist at NYC's Bumble and bumble salon, the warm tones should be rooted in a soft brown-meets-red. "For any base tone, a gingerbread caramel gives a warm, rich depth to the hair," Greller explains.

Pro tip: "Keep the root natural, and the lifted tone to the ends or just around the face," she says. "That very subtle warmth of the hair can make your cheeks seem rosier and your skin glow through the darker months."
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Blended S'Ombré

According to L.A.-based colorist Cherin Choi, the subtle ombré (s'ombré) coloring technique will edge back into hair color trends this fall — especially on bangs. "I call this a bangin' highlight," says Choi. "I use a blended ombré technique to complement the natural hair color and the fall of the bangs."

Pro tip: Choi says that this technique works on any base color as long as your colorist starts the brightness just underneath the bangs. Ask for "a smooth transition down the shafts and to the ends," she adds.
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